Pilots not to blame for 737 Max 8 crash


According to CNN, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashed a few months ago. The plane is a Boeing 737 Max 8. This incident killed all of the passengers and crew, 157 people were dead.

The Ethiopian aviation authorities reported this week that the pilots of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 did everything they were trained to do, but they still could not prevent this incident. Boeing 737 Max was not safe anymore.

The biggest problem is the automated anti-stall software called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). This system can keep the 737 Max’s nose from pointing up at too much of an angle, called “angle of attack.” High angle of attack (AOA) could cause a plane to stall and crash. Right now, only Boeing 737 Max has this MCAS system.

Boeing said it is currently developing a new version of MCAS and executives hope the Max can return to service soon. The improved MCAS system will be provided by data from two AOA sensors on the jet’s exterior rather than one. The improvement also includes a cockpit indicator to alert the pilot when something wrong with the sensors.

All in all, Boeing faces the most pressure to make sure the 737 Max is safe.