Tip off for news media covering NBA


Today marks the start of NBA Team Media Day. NBA teams all across the league are starting their preseason training camps, with four teams meeting with news media and the remaining 26 meeting Monday.

During these media days “At least 16 of the NBA’s 30 teams will have video streams of their media day activities live on their team sites.” according to nba.com.

As part of their coverage, the NBA will cover media day on NBA TV for four hours, then host a recap show later on in the evening.

It has been a long summer break from the NBA, especially as a Heat fan whose team did not make the playoffs, but with the start of NBA Media Day, the 2014-2015 offseason is officially over and it is all in the past.

There is no better professional sports organization in the world in terms of media accessibility and relationship with the players than the NBA.

According to CBS Sports, NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, believes the NBA has the best relationship with players out of any sport. Adam Silver notes “the warmth of the personal relationships” he has made with everyone from players to officials to team general managers.

This mutual respect and collective partnership between Adam Silver and the players has benefited the media that covers the association tremendously. With former players making up much of the NBA media, the current players are much more likely to open up and have more revealing interviews.

While the season has not officially started, with the terrific media coverage of the NBA, it is at least one step closer.