UM men’s basketball looks ready


The 2014-15 University of Miami men’s basketball team seems to be very confident about its upcoming season, which started Nov. 6.

With transfer Angel Rodriguez from Kansas State University having to red-shirt last year, Deandre Burnett having to sit out as well because of a medical red-shirt (wrist injury) and Sheldon McClellan red-shirting after transferring from Texas, these three are expressing lots of excitement and anticipation for a successful season.

From hashtags on their Instagram pictures’ captions saying #TheReturn or #returnofthemac to their ambiance walking around campus, Miami basketball fans are expecting an expecting to see lots of talent and execution on the court.

Kristian Brown, junior majoring in sports management said what she expects out of this season. “I don’t know, there’s a lot of hype about Angel, Sheldon, Dre and the team as a whole,” Brown said. “That’s what’s getting me to want to go to the games; I gotta see this!”

On Instagram about two weeks ago, when the basketball team was getting ready for its first game, Rodriguez posted a picture of him and McClellan in their uniforms with the caption reading, “Yo Mac! It’s almost that time #TheReturn”

Also, as far back as 13 weeks ago, McClellan posted a picture of himself posing under the Miami sun with the caption, “Beautiful first day of the month in the 305!!! Life is good right now…. In case you ain’t heard, it’s almost that time #3monthsleft #WaitIsAlmostOver”

Who isn’t going to get pumped when seeing something like this? Fans are wondering what they are referring to when they say things like this, what wait? What exactly are we waiting for?

Chantz Mack, former Miami baseball player and senior in criminology, is interested to see what this team is all about.

“I’m hearing a lot of good things about these guys, I want to see what they’re all about,” Mack said. “I hear Dre was third in the nation in scoring in high school!”

The Miami Hurricanes will be playing Howard University at 7 p.m. in the Bank United Center on Friday, Nov. 14.