UNICEF, Armani provide water to world


UNICEF and Giorgio Armani have joined forces to help those who do not have water by challenging those who cannot put their cell phones down.

The challenge is to not touch your phone for 10 minutes and, by doing so, donating one day’s worth of water for a person in need.

To take the challenge, visit uniceftapproject.org on your phone, then follow the instructions on screen. I took the challenge and have a record of one hour and two minutes. Enough time and water to give to six people who do not have enough to get by.

I also have a couple of 10 minute attempts, but when I saw that day’s record of 254 hours, 27 minutes and 42 seconds, the competitive side in me was inspired to leave my phone for just a bit longer each time to boost my record.

While the page is active it flashes facts to keep you entertained such as how much water you have currently supplied, how much water you will supply in the next 10 minutes and even how many smiley face text-messages have been sent in the time you have not used your phone.

It’s good to see a big name company like Armani involved in a project like this, not only is it good marketing for Armani, but it also benefits children and others in developing countries. The Web page gave me a good feeling. ¬†Get away from your phone, you don’t really need it.