Will Ultra be cancelled in 2015?


Ultra Music Festival took place last weekend and, despite a pretty smooth weekend, some bumps were hit along the way.

The Contemporary Service Corporation provides security for the music festival and employee Erica Mack, 28, suffered a trampling incident Friday night while trying to stop a mob of unauthorized people from entering the concert ground. The crowd of people overran her and the fence between them, which collapsed on top of her causing head trauma and a broken leg.  She is now at Jackson Memorial hospital and is slowly recovering.

Officials and leaders of the City of Miami was very displeased with the accident.

The madness doesn’t stop there. A total of 84 arrests were made, 22 on Friday, 33 on Saturday, and 29 on Sunday.  Undercover cops also go to the festival as a way of combating the frequent use and sale of drugs to festival-goers.  In addition to the arrest, 24 people left Ultra Music Fest to go to the hospital this weekend, an unfortunate turn in a weekend meant to share the love for a genre of music among thousands of people.

Miami officials are now stating that they plan to cancel ultra next year. City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff expressed his opinion when he said “I think they have overstayed their welcome.” Last year, officials tried to cancel to festival due to gridlocked traffic, rowdy fans and increased drug usage during Miami Music Week. Ultra Music Festival may have seen the last of its days at Bayfront Park.

In terms of business Ultra should be fine.  Although Ultra began in Miami, festivals have launched in Ibiza, Chile, Buenos Aires and Tokyo.  On top of that, ticket prices reached up to $500 for a general admission ticket, and $800 for a VIP ticket.  Ultra also has a music label which produces electronic music across the globe.