Air Niugini plane crashes into sea


All passengers are in good condition after Air Niugini plane crash-landed in the ocean.

Due to poor weather conditions and little visibility, Air Niugini Boeing 737 flight crashed in the sea near Micronesian Island on Friday. It has been reported that the pilot missed the runway yet it is not certain if the plane passed over it or if it detoured before even reaching the runway.

“Dozens of airline passengers were forced to swim for their lives,” said Bark Wilkinson and Hillary Clarke on an article published by CNN news.

Luckily, the aircraft stayed afloat long enough for the passengers to get out through the emergency exits where after they were helped by local fishermen on boats to bring them to safety.

Reportedly, the water was reaching the passengers’ waists. After everyone on board successfully evacuated the plane, the water reached below the window line. Many witnesses of the accident claimed how fortunate they were in that it was daylight at the moment of the incident, giving the passengers a greater chance of surviving.

The reporting on this incident has been focused on the safety and well being of the individuals on board. As of now there have been no serious injuries reported. Further details will be available soon as the investigation of the crash continues.