Marvel superheroes creator dead at 95


Known for creating many loved superhero characters, the famous and much respected Stan Lee has passed away.

It was reported 20 hours ago that Lee was struggling with health issues. According to an article published on Fox, Lee had pneumonia and problems with his vision as well.

Stan Lee has left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. His impact on the entertainment industry and especially the comic book world will live on to remember him. Stan Lee was the top writer and later publisher for Marvel, he is known for saving the industry and making the company what it has become today.

Lee had a special way of making his characters mean something to people. On a story written by Tyler McCathy published by Fox, it was stated that the producer of “Men in Black,” Jeff Kline said, “The beauty of Stan Lee’s characters is that they were characters first and superheroes next.” This shows how his creations and ideas were unique, making him an icon in the entertainment industry.

Stan Lee died on Veteran’s day, his last social media post was this same day when he posted a picture of himself while serving in World War II.

Thoughts and prayers are with the family and fans of Stan Lee during this difficult time. Many fans around the world grieve his loss because of all he did for the childhood and entertainment of many. Lee’s legacy will live on and his memory will be honored.

Man arrested in UM student death


Yasser Abualfaraj, who was a third-year student at the University of Miami, was murdered on Oct. 7 in his off-campus apartment. Police investigations have continuously been going on. Earlier today, it was reported that an arrest was made in the case.

A homeless man by the name of Robert Gore was arrested for the murder. Gore reportedly stabbed Abulfaraj more than 60 times while he was sleeping in his apartment. The police were able to trace the criminal due to DNA found on a can of beer and clothing.

The incident was a robbery and after Gore committed the homicide, he searched for valuables throughout the apartment. The student was later found by his roommate.

Robert Gore was arrested at a gas station on South Dixie Highway on Wednesday. An employee from Shell station near the location of the arrest reported that Gore had been caught stealing food at the shop before and was not pleasant. According to a report published on CBS Miami, “He said he had been coming to the store for years and was a real pest.”

The University of Miami mourns the loss of Abualfaraj. The police investigation has provided closure for the family as it grieves Yasser Abualfaraj’s death during this difficult time.

The news media in Miami have reported this story in an informative and delicate manner while keeping the community updated on the tragedy.

Fans support Gomez during treatment


Singer Selena Gomez has been hospitalized due to complications having to do with her previous kidney transplant procedure and for her mental health. Gomez was reportedly working on the music video for “Taki Taki” and now she has to focus on her health. Many fans are supporting the celebrity through this process and the break that she is taking from her professional life.

According to an article by Lisa Respers France and Chloe Menas published on, Gomez has suffered in the past from lupus and has been open about her medical conditions with her fans keeping the public informed about what she is going through.

Specific details about her current medical conditions are not known but the popular singer is receiving a lot of support during this time. Reportedly she will be taking a break from the spotlight at this time to focus on her overall health.

According to CBS News, “Gomez checked herself into a wellness program in New York earlier this year to treat depression and anxiety.” Mental health is a big factor when it comes to being a celebrity and right now Gomez’s fans are concerned with her well being.

News sources have been treating this story delicately since it is a very sensitive and personal topic. More specific information about Gomez’s health will be known in the future and fans will be waiting to be updated on the singer’s health.

Kors buys Versace for $2.12 billion


While many believe that the two fashion houses, Michael Kors and Versace do not have much in common, it seems that Michael Kors plans to take their brand to another level of luxury and prestige.

Fashion followers were mostly surprised when discovering that Versace was sold to Michael Kors. Many changes are occurring within the brand after this purchase and the growth they have planned as a company is major. Michael Kors is changing its name to Capri Holdings.

According to an article by Jessica Tyler, published by Business Insider, “The company says it aims to grow Versace’s revenue from about $808 million to $2 billion, expand its footprint from 200 stores to about 300 stores, and increase the amount of shoes and accessories it sells” (

In the business world of fashion this news is important and the combination of Michael Kors, Versace, and Jimmy Choo, which Michael Kors acquired in 2017 for $1.2 billion, could be a major force in the industry.

Donatella Versace released a statement that answered the most-asked question when this information became public: she promised to remain in complete control of the collections and believes that this is a positive step for the brand.

Air Niugini plane crashes into sea


All passengers are in good condition after Air Niugini plane crash-landed in the ocean.

Due to poor weather conditions and little visibility, Air Niugini Boeing 737 flight crashed in the sea near Micronesian Island on Friday. It has been reported that the pilot missed the runway yet it is not certain if the plane passed over it or if it detoured before even reaching the runway.

“Dozens of airline passengers were forced to swim for their lives,” said Bark Wilkinson and Hillary Clarke on an article published by CNN news.

Luckily, the aircraft stayed afloat long enough for the passengers to get out through the emergency exits where after they were helped by local fishermen on boats to bring them to safety.

Reportedly, the water was reaching the passengers’ waists. After everyone on board successfully evacuated the plane, the water reached below the window line. Many witnesses of the accident claimed how fortunate they were in that it was daylight at the moment of the incident, giving the passengers a greater chance of surviving.

The reporting on this incident has been focused on the safety and well being of the individuals on board. As of now there have been no serious injuries reported. Further details will be available soon as the investigation of the crash continues.

Miller died hours before body was found


More information on musician Mac Miller’s death has been released. Emergency personnel discovered the rapper had passed away hours before authorities found the body.

Many fans all over the world have been grieving Mac Miller’s sudden death at such a young age and it has left many in shock. It has been reported that Miller, 26, suffered an apparent drug overdose. Miller had a history of drug addiction and fans were aware of it because he shared his experience and struggle through his lyrics.

The news media have handled Miller’s death respectfully; however, official knowledge of the incident has yet to be confirmed. Outraged fans began to attack Miller’s ex-girlfriend: Ariana Grande on social media, blaming her for the tragedy because she broke up with the rapper due to his drug addiction.

On an article published on Fox News, written by Ryan Gaydos, it is reported that when authorities arrived at the scene they assumed the house was “swept clean” therefore, officials cannot confirm exactly what happened the night before the rapper overdosed.

Being such a sensitive topic, the news media have handled it delicately to protect the privacy of the family and report the information in a respectable manner. So far, news on Miller’s death has been just that, quick, constantly updated, and to the point.

More information about the incident is yet to be discovered but as officials investigate, more details will be revealed.

Burberry fashion house ends use of fur


Designer brand Burberry is turning away from using fur as a fashion statement and going green.

There is a constant discussion between the morality and ethics of using animal fur on clothing as a fashion statement. While it is a common practice to use fur for the sake of fashion, designer Riccardo Tisci’s newest collection will emphasize the responsibility that such luxurious brands have to help the environment. 

Burberry’s latest designs have been said to be made with originality and creativity while at the same time allowing the company to go green. All current items in stock that appear with fur will be eventually removed from stores.

An article on mentions how Burberry has been doing a good job on recycling, donations, and reusing their products. It shows that as a brand they have made a big effort in developing an alternative way to design their clothing in a way that helps the planet.

The chief executive officer of the fashion house, Marco Gobbetti, stressed on how important it is for the success of the company to follow these rules and be responsible for the environment.

While news media criticism and complaints from protestors encouraged these actions to be taken, it is an overall good strategy and will help problems with waste and the planet in general.

Burberry has stopped burning unsold goods, has started to recycle products, and now has banned the use of fur in their clothing. Riccardo Tisci is helping the brand change for the better. The company’s new twist on morale and operation to go green will be shown Sept. 17 at London Fashion Week when Riccardo Tisci’s collection will debut.