Apple continues feud with FBI


On Monday, it was announced earlier this week that the U.S. government dropped its lawsuit against Apple over unlocking the iPhone of a San Bernardino terrorist.

Reports revealed that the FBI went overseas and had the cellphone hacked by a third-party, some are speculating that it was the Israeli firm, Cellebrite.

Now, there are rumblings that Apple is asking questions regarding how the information was retrieved by Cellebrite and are speaking with attorneys to see if it can take legal action to force the FBI to reveal how it unlocked the phone.

Once again, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, the news media are paying close attention to the frenzy that the presidential election campaign.

So what has Donnie [Donald Trump] done now? Well, he got into a whose-wife-is-better-looking contest with Ted Cruz as they exchanged verbal insults to one another and debated the attractiveness of their wives.

I only remembered the Apple-vs.-FBI story because CNN spent a few minutes talking about it on their morning show.

Had I missed it, who knows when I would have found out about the news. Even as I mentioned it in my journalism-reporting class, Wednesday morning, most of my classmates had not heard about the news.

I am just saying I know Trump, Cruz and the rest of the presidential campaigns are ripe with news stories, but could we add more variety while we still can? I feel that this will continue until the election is over, and then we will have a new circus to focus on once this one leaves town.