Barbie breaking gender stereotypes


I recently saw the new Moschino Barbie commercial, which totally shattered gender stereotypes. The commercial featured a boy in the Barbie commercial for the first time ever. They selected three children to be in the ad two of which were young girls and the other the young boy.

The boy is seen giggling and smiling with the two friends for the new limited edition Moschino Barbie doll. He says, “Moschino Barbie is so fierce,” as he holds Barbie’s purse. This commercial is truly breaking boundaries.

For years Barbie has been an icon for young girls but Barbie has finally broken down the gender specific toy and is now targeting a male demographic. I think it is a highly positive message. Target recently decided to stop labeling their toys for boys or girls, to simply using the term kids.

Numerous people have been responding positively towards the new ad star, with comments like “Thank you for this! Boys like dolls too!” and “This is a wonderful ad, very nice to see gender race and sexual orientation equality in this ad.” Barbie is finally making a brand change and introducing more progressive dolls rather than the traditional doll.