Boeheim to coach despite legal trouble


Bleacher Report recently released a story that says Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim will coach the Orange as they take on the No. 1 ranked Duke University Blue Devils, despite his accident earlier this week that killed a pedestrian on I-690.

The accident occurred after Boeheim swerved into a group of people that were standing next to their vehicle that had just been driven into a guardrail. Boeheim passed a breathalyzer test and cooperated with police after the incident. It is not believed that Boeheim will face any criminal charges.

Many people are unsure if Boeheim should coach in this week’s game against the Blue Devils, while Syracuse fans want to win no matter what it takes.

Bleacher Report used information from ESPN to report on the actual occurrence as well as further highlighting the basketball team and its recent accomplishments. The article also expands on the situation that both teams are in, noting that Duke recently lost its star player Zion Williamson to a knee injury in a game against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Bleacher Report also addressed Boeheim’s reaction to hitting and killing the pedestrian, as well as adding a link to the statement that Syracuse’s director of Athletics made regarding the situation. It was made clear that the community is stronger together and that Boeheim coaching will bring more people together rather than ostracize him.

Boeheim will not likely face any criminal charges and will continue his coaching. The Syracuse community will need to rely on each other in this situation to be strong and to help their coach get through this hard time in his life.