Turner is criminal, not swimmer


As of last Friday, Brock Turner is a free man. Turner was sentenced for six months after being convicted of raping a fellow Stanford student on Jan. 18, 2015, outside a fraternity house. He has since had to register has a sex offender in his home state of Ohio since his release.

Throughout the trial and the news of his early release from prison due to “good behavior” the media has went about referring to Brock Turner has a “former Stanford swimmer” in their headlines before acknowledging that he is first and foremost a rapist.

In a society where campus sexual assault is still not being recognized as a serious issue, this just perpetuates the problem. When the news media refer to Turner’s athletic career before they acknowledge that he is a rapist that does not help the with the severity of the real issue.

The real issue is that college campus sexual assault is a real problem and that it happens all over the United States. In most cases when women or men report that they were raped nothing ever happens. Their case gets ignored and if they do have their case looked at the college hardly protects the victim. The attacker is allowed to roam the campus without any punishment.

In the news media, the attacker is focused on for who they are and not what they did. This is what happened with the Brock Turner case. In order for things to change rapist like Turner must be referred for what they are so campus rape culture changes.