Debate over court storming returns


Court storming has been a trending topic on college campuses and in the national news media as of late.

Storming the field or court has been a long-lasting tradition after “upsetting” a high ranking team. After Miami beat Duke on Saturday, many people criticized the university saying it was too dangerous. Web sites like “State of the U” came out saying “who cares, they’re college kids.” Everyone seems to have an opinion on this matter.

In 2014, Sportscenter did a piece on how court storming in college basketball was affecting how schools bolstered security. It even showed a clip of Coach K at Duke stopping kids from running on the court after a huge win against archrival North Carolina.

Sportscenter proceeded to show more clips of court storming gone wrong. More news media outlets showed kids falling out of wheelchairs, cheerleaders getting trampled and even players were getting injured. The argument lives on and is carried by the news media simply due to the fact that it is dangerous and could result in serious injury, and the school could be liable.

The news media are hot on this debate. Many will argue let kids enjoy college. Many will argue how dangerous it is. But this is a topic I do not see losing steam any time soon.