Flappy Bird app removed, causes stir


The popular app Flappy Bird has been taken off the App Store after being the top downloaded app on the market. Now, phones with the app installed are being sold on eBay for up to $15,000.  More commonly, the phones are listed around $2,500.  Still, pretty ridiculous for a $300 phone with a free app.

The game set fire and users became addicted.  The addiction and difficulty of the game led to incredibly detailed negative reviews from users and the game quickly became known as the devils game.  Now that it can never be downloaded again, people are willing to spend thousands to get their fingers on Flappy bird.

Screenshot of search results for "Iphone with flappy bird" on ebay.com.

Screenshot of search results for “iPhone with Flappy Bird” on eBay.com.

The game has a simple task of tapping the screen to cause the little bird to ascend. The goal is to pass through canals created by two Mario-like pipes.

One green pipe hangs from the ceiling, the other grows from the floor, and the bird must continue on to the right of the screen as it is met with continuous pipes.

The game became the top downloaded game on the App Store, which gave it power in the advertising world.  Other apps with money for advertising led to a steady income for Dong Nguyen, the creator of the game.

Screenshot of Flappy Bird gameplay.

Screenshot of Flappy Bird gameplay.

Nguyen now has created Iron Pants, which sucks.  I tried it out and it was more frustrating than when somebody puts an empty bag of snacks back in the cabinet, only for a sucker like you to come along and open the empty bag.  I don’t recommend downloading it.

eBay has been taking down the iPhones, but some are still on the website.  People can always put them right back up anyway.  Personally, I would never spend $2,000 for an iPhone game.


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