For the love of journalism


Journalism is a difficult profession for those who think we just sit down and read off the teleprompter. It is a profession that welcomes insane individuals as bright minds who have an incredible desire to be known as saints, political analysts, artists, fashion gods and goddesses among other unknown wishes. A profession that talks about you, judges you, stalks you in order to write about what is #trending. It can seduce you to drag you in, but without sex. Believe it not, journalism is one of the few professions that offer a great initiative, creativity and independence.

There are no superior or inferior topics, just better or not-so-good abilities to get the dry truth from a story. The wonderful things about journalism is that it also makes you a brave human. That’s right. You are not influenced by friendships, nor live afraid of any enemy, even if he or she threatens you. You will dare to travel across the world just to get the best stories and the unique features.

In this profession, no one looks for favorites, nor accepts gratifications. It is a profession that survives off passion, survives off feeding the public’s need to know, datelines, and highlights the bad habits of people. The definition of journalism comes in many ways, but if I could hashtag the perfect keyword for it, would be #authenticjournalism.

For this and many other reasons I respect my future colleagues and this profession that risks it all just to bring out the news.