Freddie Gray: The $6.4 million question


The family of Freddie Gray, 24, a man who died of severe injuries in the back of a police van during transport in Baltimore, has been awarded $6.4 million in a wrongful death settlement.

That’s $6.4 million, just so Gray’s family and the city of Baltimore can just put the matter behind them, said the lawyer of Freddie Gray.

What isn’t being answered is what happened in the back of that police van. How is it possible for a handcuffed man, who sustained severe injuries after being arrested, to die of a traumatic head and back injury?

The city of Baltimore police department has a strict protocol to follow in regards to detainees. In fact, the police protocol specifically outlines safety restraints in transport vans, one of those being that the “detainee is secured with a seatbelt or restraining device.”

Unfortunately, questions like these regarding Freddie Gray will never have answers.

Currently, six of the officers that contributed to the death of Freddie Gray must stay in the city of Baltimore, after the defense failed to prove that the six arresting officers wouldn’t receive a fair trial.

As the mystery of Freddie Gray grows, it is imperative for the trial to determine whether or not the six arresting officers are guilty of murdering Freedie Gray, and if, in fact, the officers did kill Freddie Gray, the questions that should be answered are “how,” and “why.”