Covering Ultra will be a challenge


The Ultra Music Festival is coming soon. From March 27-29 Miami will be drowning in electronic music and overjoyed youth. Taking place in Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami, Ultra is being anticipated by music lovers and journalists alike.

How does a journalist get a piece written about Ultra? Does he or she attend the festival? Or just cover it by what is posted on the Internet and social media? Personally, as a journalist, I would attend the music festival and talk to people attending. I would also keep a camera ready for pictures and to capture videos of any unusual and new activities taking place. I would even stay until the end of the music festival to get further interviews from the attendants, ssecurity and clean up crew.

I would attempt to talk to Ultra’s public relations team and get a press pass to talk to the musicians and DJ’s that will be playing.

As a journalist, there is no such thing as too much information. You need to get all the information needed, even if you don’t end up using everything you collect. Ultra would be a great opportunity to test my abilities as a journalist and see if I am ready to tackle a challenge that requires so much coverage.