Kuwait’s influencers have social impact


In the past two years, Kuwait has been booming with influencers like Fouz ALFahad and Bibi Al Abdulmohsen, Hassan Al Mosawi and Yalda Golsharifi. These are all familiar names to Kuwaiti society. All of these people are part of a sensation, a social media sensation. Influencing people to buy things such as shoes, hair products, makeup and also visiting new restaurants.

Most of these people are all part of a worldwide known company called Ghalia Tech, which is a marketing agency founded and established, by Abdulrazaq Al Mutawa.

Influencers are used to help market a product or an event or even a restaurant and get the people’s interest. Keeping people up to date of what is hip and new and getting everyone interested to go and buy the product. To be an influencer, one has to give up his or her privacy. How so? Your Instagram should be public and everyone should have access to it. You would be able to market the product using your Instagram and tagging the product’s company into the image you are posting. Being an influencer does not only mean giving up your privacy but also giving up your time, to traveling, shopping and even going to more outings.

You don’t need to have studied a certain major to become an influencer, which is a great opportunity for people who have no job opportunities in the field they have studied. Being a journalism major, I have been worrying about what sort of work I will do once I graduate and this might be an option. I am also thinking of taking this summer as a great opportunity to work an internship at Ghalia Tech to practice my journalism skills and see what an influencer can and can’t do in depth.