Louboutin unveils new shoe shades


This past week, Christian Louboutin unveiled a total of seven nude shades for shoes. This is an improvement from the total of five his collection had before.

Even though Christian Louboutin’s shoes are already very popular among fashion fanatics out there, many women are applauding this. They are excited for the new colors. The collection of nude shoes launched a few years ago, in 2013, but this is the first time that the colors “porcelain” and “deep chocolate” are added.

The seven shades of nude shoes caught the news media’s attention when the #NudesForAll started trending on Facebook

According to ABCnews.com, “Designers often treat nude like it’s a synonym for light tan, thereby excluding women of color,” one Facebook user wrote. “So it’s good news that Christian Louboutin has expanded its nudes collection, adding a larger spectrum of skin-tone shades to ensure that no matter what your ethnicity, you can find a shoe to match your complexion.”

Other media such as, CNN and nymag.com magazine are also reporting on the tremendous positive response these new shades of shoes are receiving.

I think, it is safe to say that the shoes with the red soles will stay in fashion and now, thanks to a wider variety of nude shades, will be appreciated by every woman, no matter what skin color.