Marvel superheroes creator dead at 95


Known for creating many loved superhero characters, the famous and much respected Stan Lee has passed away.

It was reported 20 hours ago that Lee was struggling with health issues. According to an article published on Fox, Lee had pneumonia and problems with his vision as well.

Stan Lee has left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. His impact on the entertainment industry and especially the comic book world will live on to remember him. Stan Lee was the top writer and later publisher for Marvel, he is known for saving the industry and making the company what it has become today.

Lee had a special way of making his characters mean something to people. On a story written by Tyler McCathy published by Fox, it was stated that the producer of “Men in Black,” Jeff Kline said, “The beauty of Stan Lee’s characters is that they were characters first and superheroes next.” This shows how his creations and ideas were unique, making him an icon in the entertainment industry.

Stan Lee died on Veteran’s day, his last social media post was this same day when he posted a picture of himself while serving in World War II.

Thoughts and prayers are with the family and fans of Stan Lee during this difficult time. Many fans around the world grieve his loss because of all he did for the childhood and entertainment of many. Lee’s legacy will live on and his memory will be honored.