Microsoft reinvents desktop PC


Once a year, Microsoft’s Panos Panay appears with new creations that he and his Surface team have produced in their labs.

Microsoft is expected to deliver their latest gadget: a Surface PC.

It is expected to convert a desk into a creative work studio. Today, most people are using tablets and laptops instead of desktop PCs, so it will be difficult for Microsoft to convince society that the Surface PC is better than a laptop or tablet.

One way that Microsoft can do this is by promoting the powerful GPU inside that works well with video games. Most Surface laptops are not powerful enough to play video games like Gears of War 4 properly, but this PC will be powerful enough.

Microsoft is trying to convince people that this Surface is going to be different because it is more innovative and creative. They are promoting the different ways to create content: using a keyboard, touchscreen or stylus. Additional leaks have been released like a new 3D paint app, along with 3D additions to Microsoft Office and Windows itself. This new painting app will let you 3D print your Minecraft creations

A desktop PC will have to blend the best aspects of both the Surface Table and the Surface Hub.

Microsoft’s focus on HoloLens and Windows Holographic should be a big focus for Windows itself and hardware like the Surface PC if Microsoft truly believes that mixed reality is the future.

If Microsoft wants to reinvent the PC for a 3D future and use creativity for its new hardware, then it will need to show society why regular Windows 10 users will be eager to test and use 3D objects, applications, and mixed reality devices on this new Surface PC.

Virtual reality and enhanced reality headsets are still in their early stages of development, but Microsoft is bringing its full virtual Windows Holographic experience to Windows 10. Microsoft is unsure about how society will react to their new advances in technology, but they are hoping that the product will skyrocket and become the next big thing, reinventing Microsoft as a big name market in the industry. (

The media reports on stories like these because innovative technology is an important aspect of society today. Everyone is looking for the next big thing, and everyone wants to have the most recent technology, so they want to hear about new ideas in the news.