NFL ready for openly gay player?


Recently Michael Sam, a former defensive end for the University of Missouri has admitted to being gay. This year, Sam was named SEC co-Defensive Player of the Year, first team all-SEC selection and a first team All-American by the Walter Camp Football Foundation. Analysts noted that if he were to get signed by a NFL team, he would be the first NFL player to be openly gay.

The question is, is the NFL ready for an openly gay football player. Are players and coaches going to treat him the same and with the same respect as they do “straight” players?

Sam admits that his teammates knew of his sexuality in August, and neither of them have said anything. I think this shows a great respect to his teammates, that they had enough respect for him not only as a teammate, but a brother not to say anything.

Of course, there is no way around it. He will, in fact, be treated differently. But I think during this day and age that anybody should be able to play a sport and have their own sexuality without it being a problem.

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