Planned Parenthood funding at risk


Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that provides health care services to women across the U.S. After months of focus on the organization, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act was made.

A 241-187 vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on Sept. 18 put an end to the federal funding of Planned Parenthood for a one-year period. Republicans say that in the meantime more investigations will be made and any funding will be redirected to clinics that do not offer abortions.

An undercover graphic video was released that shows Planned Parenthood violate federal laws. In the video, the Center for Medical Progress, a group that calls themselves citizen journalists, show Planned Parenthood allowing the sales of fetal tissues for profit and restricting certain abortion procedures. Planned Parenthood denies the wrongdoings and that any of their profits are to cover transportation costs.

Another bill was passed Friday, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. This bill imposes criminal penalties – a maximum of five years in prison and fines — on medical personnel who don’t attempt to aid infants born after an attempted abortion.

President Obama has threatened that he would veto both bills. Overriding Obama would require 67 votes, something that Republican leaders don’t have. The fight over Planned Parenthood funding could cause a government shutdown by Sept. 30. This is also the last date that Congress has to authorize funding to keep the government running.