Race: Is it ‘trendy’?


Those in the African-American community were outraged on Wednesday when Marie Claire tweeted a picture of Kendall Jenner and her “bold braids” that are “new epic.” The braids were actually a bit of cornrows on the side of Jenner’s head. Many felt offended by the choice of words Marie Claire chose to caption the tweet.

Twitter user @ohitsbarbara tweeted “Why don’t you go to an elementary school with black girls & tell me once again how Kendall Jenner started cornrows as a trend? @marieclaire.” This is just an example of how the fashion world culturally appropriates a lot of the trends that are out there these days. It’s hard to discern what is artistic license from what is possibly racially offensive.

The Cornrows that sparked the Outrage. Source: @marieclaire Twitter

The Cornrows that sparked the Outrage. Source: @marieclaire Twitter

A lot of Halloween costumes often garner criticism for their offensive titles. For example, a wig that is a bit afro like was entitled “Ghetto Fab.”

This, once again, offended the African-American community and rightfully so. It is not trendy to be a certain race or acquire their fashion or beauty tastes. And it is especially offensive when the labeling reflects racial stereotypes.

The media, like Marie Claire magazine, should take more note of how they label their photos and should discern whether the trends they feature and promote as “cool” in their magazine, online, or on their twitter are in good taste or not.