Six legends sign to retire as Dolphins


The Miami Dolphins signed some hall of fame talent to their roster this week, but only for one day.

Dolphins legends quarterback Bob Griese, quarterback Dan Marino, defensive back Sam Madison, offensive lineman Larry Little, defensive lineman/linebacker Kim Bokamper and wide receiver Nat Moore each signed one-day contracts to officially retire in the aqua and orange.

But the event quickly seemed questionable to some.

The team announced the event just several hours before the 3 p.m., social media streams (hosted by the Dolphins) went live.

News media attended the event, but the light questions asked at the ceremony was mostly answered with stories of the glory days and jokes.

The Dolphins inevitably must face the pressure of their pending free agents WR Kenny Stills, DL Alan Branch and Tight End Dion Sims ready to hit the market.

Some in the news media, including Sun Sentinel’s Chris Perkins and Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero, immediately recognized the connection with the ceremonial event and the public relations stunt. The Dolphins pulled the move to boost the feeling that their organization cares about their players and is a place to stay for the long haul.

Perkins brought up an interesting point about the event. All of the players, except for Little, are all currently on the team’s payroll for their varied positions in the organization.

With the exception of Madison, all of the players that were signed wore aqua and orange during their last time in pads.

Was the ceremony necessary? Sort of. Back when the players retired, there were no farewell such as the Derek Jeter or Kobe Bryant tours, they just went on their way to playing golf. It was a nice gesture by the team to honor some of their best, but if it could help boost the morale of the organization before free agency, it is a win/win for them.