Snow days can still require school work


It seems that nearly everywhere in America there are intense winter storms, shutting down schools and giving students a break from classes.

Or so they would hope.

Just a couple of decades, even years, ago, when all schoolwork was strictly in the classroom, a snow day meant staying in bed and maybe spending some extra time with the family.

In the era that we live in now, just about all of our schoolwork is regularly online, whether it’s homework, PowerPoint slides, or necessary readings.

While many stressed out students would love to just relax for a day or two and catch up on some work, their professors and teachers alike continue to give them assignments online.

It seems to be a growing phenomenon as more news media sites are reporting this trend and more students are complaining. I find the complaints appropriate, though.

Being from Florida, I’m used to not having school due to bad weather, too, but it is usually from tropical storms such as hurricanes.

While there was always a threat of danger and the power going out, these days were great for catching up on sleep and possibly getting ahead in work.

Now, I worry that if we get another hurricane day, I’ll still be stressed out doing work.

Another thing to consider with this situation is with all the work being posted online, what about the students who are located in an area where the power does go out?

Is there a way that they can produce a document that they were truly unable to do any work online without an Internet connection to begin with?

I feel like this solution that schools are using will work for a little while but will have many complications arise soon.

I’m aware that some schools find it to be necessary.

When Hurricane Sandy happened, for example, schools that had to be shut down petitioned for an official “virtual,” school day so that they wouldn’t go over the three snow days already given and have to add school days to a future vacation day.

This is an instance where a virtual school day seems great.

Still though, being in college, there have been moments where I have wished for a snow day so I can have a moment to recharge.

Maybe I shouldn’t wish for those kinds of days anymore, since snow days aren’t necessarily fun days anymore.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out and to see how students take to it.

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