Media fuel craze over new iPhones


The IPhone 5s came out this past week, but that is old news to most college students around the United States and the world.

The craze for Apple technology is still going strong as people stand in lines for hours to get their hands on the newest IPhone, IPad and MacBook.

It is hard to believe that a major headline this week was titled “Gold IPhone 5s won’t ship until October.” This begs the question; is this truly newsworthy? Or have we gone overboard with our obsession of material objects.

That wasn’t the only surprising article floating around the Internet about IPhones. Other headlines and articles read ‘Can IPhone addiction wreck your marriage?’ and ‘Psychologists Concerned about IPhone Obsession.’

The new IPhone 5s is said to have an application that disables the possibility of anyone other than the owner of said phone to unlock the lock screen. This new addition may discourage others who may try to steal these IPhones and sell them, as it is said to be nearly impossible to hack into these new devices.

Although, in a matter of minutes, multiple articles and videos surfaced online with tutorials that taught the art of hacking into this new IPhone 5s making the application useless.

Students have already taken to Twitter and Facebook with information about the new IPhone along with iOS7, which is newest operating system for Apple cell phone and tablet products. Many complain about the new look, despite waiting long hours on line and spending a decent about of money.

In only 10 minutes, the shipping date for this new gadget went from two business days; to 10 and this back order issue will continue for quite some time as it has in the past.

With this new information floating around the media, we have to consider that all new technologies are usually flawed and the small differences such as an anti-hacking application or a gold colored IPhone are not necessarily worth the anticipation and money.

Genuine human interaction is becoming a thing of the past due to the obsession with social media and networking that these phones allow one to have at all times. Whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or simply texting, the need to be connected at all times is proving to be a serious issue.

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