The controversy over vaccinations


One of the most controversial topics in the past few weeks has been whether or not the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks in the eyes of parents.

Although there are countless medical findings reporting that there is less than a one in one million chance of a person getting a severe or even fatal reaction, there are an increasing number of parents who rather not take the risk and decide to not get their children vaccinated.

When the majority of Americans hear about this rising issue, most people can not believe that anyone would even question whether or not vaccinations are necessary for children, who are more susceptible to various illness, or adults; however, there are several individuals who not only refuse to get vaccines for them or their children, but also blame vaccinations for serious illness such as autism, despite the fact there is no support to make that kind of connection.

It is because of this that thousands of Americans have written articles, posted on blogs, and even commented on Facebook warning parents to ignore this uncommon and, in many views, wrong approach to vaccinations.