The media’s gender problem


The representation, or lack thereof, of women in the news media has long been a subject of concern. Now, new research is showing us the severity of the situation.

The Women’s Media Center examined 27,000 pieces of media content and discovered that 63 percent of it was distributed by men and 36 percent distributed by women — an almost 2 to 1 difference.

Perhaps not surprisingly, liberal news sites like the Huffington Post almost break even with the gender ratios, while conservative ones maintain a gap; is written 62 percent by men and 38 percent women.

In our progressive time, it is appalling that there is still such a large gender gap. Polarizing gender roles in this way has a detrimental effect on society, purporting stereotypes and hindering us on our road to equality.

Throughout magazines, television shows, movies and advertising, women are more likely to be shown in the home or as sex objects than as hard-working contributors to the business world. We need to stop portraying women in this way as it negatively influences the young people that consume media.

We need to continue forging the path to equality by increasing the presence and changing the portrayal of women in the media.