No such thing as bad press?


To be talked about in the news media is something many people actively seek.

Coverage in any form of media means that you’re relevant and people care enough to publish a story about you in hopes that people will be equally as intrigued. It has become a trend in Hollywood to strive for media coverage.

Celebrities will often stage paparazzi pictures when they’re looking good or want to be seen so they can land themselves in a tabloid, and some even sell stories about themselves to the gossip magazines. You’d think that celebrities would want the stories about themselves to be image-boosting and positive, but that is not always the case.

Recently, an image of a Scattergories paper filled with the names of Lindsey Lohan’s supposed sexual partners, her “little black book” of sorts, has leaked with InTouch Weekly owning exclusive rights to it. Many questions have swirled around the leaking of this list, as ┬áits leak coincidentally ties to the premiere of Lohan’s new reality show on the OWN network.

The list is certainly juicy, and it has Twitter, Facebook, and all the news sources, including more “serious” publications such as Fox News and the New York Daily News, abuzz. But is the list real? Or is it just an attempt to bring Lohan back into the spotlight?

It is unethical in media law to publish false information, and doing so can contribute to the crime of defamation. In the case of the Lohan List situation, no comments have come from either Lohan or her representatives, so either she is keeping mum on the situation because she is enjoying this burst of media attention or because she is behind the “leak” of the list after all.

The story behind the retrieval of the list should also be considered in regards to legitimacy. The actress supposedly crafted the list during an alcohol-infused night out with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan. 30. She then, according to sources, “tossed the list aside.” Something as intimate as a “conquest list” is not something you just toss aside, as the names on it include a lot of powerful, rich and, for some, married men.

Lindsey's "Conquest List." Note the misspelled "Zack Effron." (Source- InTouch Weekly).

Lindsey’s “Conquest List.” Note the misspelled “Zack Effron.” (Source- InTouch Weekly).

Also, InTouch first released the list with a majority of the names blurred out.

Just recently did they uncover some of the blurred names, and still a few remain hidden. This will insure that the story has staying power, as people will want to wait and see who the still-uncovered names are.

Among the names on the list are recently engaged Ashton Kutcher, deceased Heath Ledger, New York Rangers hockey player Aaron Voros and Oscar-nominated James Franco.

While it’s possible the acquisition and legitimacy of the list is true, it seems to me as a classic case of “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” on part of Lohan. Either way, it worked and everyone’s back to talking about Lindsay. She wouldn’t have it any other way.