Ultra gives attention to EDM performers


Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all about electronic music, lasers and smoke.

Ultra Music Festival took place this weekend at Bayside Park in downtown Miami where crowds of people gathered from all over the world to celebrate this music festival. For many, it was their first time and for others they have been coming to this festival for several years.

Girls and women wore revealing, colorful and fun outfits that looked very cool resembling the electronic energy of the festival. I was amazed by the amount of country flags I saw, as many attendees had their country flags covering their backs all the way from Brazil to Lebanon.

Despite the rainy weather on Friday, the crowd was not held back from celebrating and I could remember Afrojack exciting the crowd when he said “We do not give a **** about the rain!”

I was amazed to see that one single music festival excited the whole city of Miami.
Tickets were first sold on the Website in November at a very reasonable price of approximately $200 for all three days’ tickets. As the festival opening date approached, ticket prices went up for people who were trying to sell their tickets. And on the Website two weeks before the Event tickets were sold for $450 in total, leaving people to think twice before buying a three-day ticket and relying on single day tickets sold by individuals for a cheaper price.

As mentioned, I was amazed how the music festival excited the whole city. The city of Miami was full of advertisements for pool parties, nightclub events and other events happening all over Miami. As I stood outside on my balcony, I could see the little advertisement planes fly slowly all over the downtown and South Beach.

On Friday, the festival began at 4 p.m. with everyone gathered in the main stage area, where all the famous DJs played. As a journalist, I approached the Ultra Music Festival venue with all eyes and ears, observing everyone’s actions and seeing how they react to this type of loud electronic dance music. Despite the rainy and windy weather, people kept enjoying the show. People were jumping and dancing nonstop until 12 a.m., to the beat of the rhythm.

Saturday was filled of surprises; Usher appeared and shocked the whole audience with his energy. Saturday wasn’t the only day filled with surprises, though. Sunday’s night had Iggy Azalea and P. Diddy and even most importantly, Justin Bieber. Colorful and loud, fireworks filled the skies and people jumped around with all the energy they had left till Sunday 11 pm when the finale occurred. An end to an eventful weekend filled with loud electrical music, and exciting advertisements. Definitely a Festival to remember.