United Airlines under fire, yet again


United Airlines seems to be one of the most controversial airlines after it continues to have crises left and right.

A French bulldog, Kokito was found dead in the overhead bin of the United Airlines flight from Houston to New York City.

Before the flight took off, the flight attendant assured owner of Kokito that her dog would be safe in the overhead bin. Although owner paid $125 to have her French bulldog sit comfortably under her seat, the flight attendant insisted that he was not allowed.

June Lara, who sat behind Kokito’s family, posted on Facebook a summary of his trip with United, according to ABC News.

June Lara reports his story on Facebook, found on ABC News

However, there was a different story told by someone else on the flight. One woman believed the flight attendant didn’t know there was a dog in the bag and that is why she instructed Kokito’s mom to put the bag overhead.

However, many people on the plane said there were barks coming from the bag, which makes this woman’s claim unlikely, reported ABC News 13.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was a dog. I thought it was a normal bag,” the flight attendant reportedly said to Kokito’s pet mom.

Since the upsetting incident, animal rights activists and protesters have had a frenzy with  United, but more importantly, all pet passenger rules. Protesters held a “dog-in” at LaGuardia Airport and displayed a “Kokito’s Law” in honor of the life that was just lost.

There has been a lot of coverage on this topic, mostly by local news like ABC and Time.