Burberry fashion house ends use of fur


Designer brand Burberry is turning away from using fur as a fashion statement and going green.

There is a constant discussion between the morality and ethics of using animal fur on clothing as a fashion statement. While it is a common practice to use fur for the sake of fashion, designer Riccardo Tisci’s newest collection will emphasize the responsibility that such luxurious brands have to help the environment. 

Burberry’s latest designs have been said to be made with originality and creativity while at the same time allowing the company to go green. All current items in stock that appear with fur will be eventually removed from stores.

An article on Vogue.com mentions how Burberry has been doing a good job on recycling, donations, and reusing their products. It shows that as a brand they have made a big effort in developing an alternative way to design their clothing in a way that helps the planet.

The chief executive officer of the fashion house, Marco Gobbetti, stressed on how important it is for the success of the company to follow these rules and be responsible for the environment.

While news media criticism and complaints from protestors encouraged these actions to be taken, it is an overall good strategy and will help problems with waste and the planet in general.

Burberry has stopped burning unsold goods, has started to recycle products, and now has banned the use of fur in their clothing. Riccardo Tisci is helping the brand change for the better. The company’s new twist on morale and operation to go green will be shown Sept. 17 at London Fashion Week when Riccardo Tisci’s collection will debut.