Celebrity weight: Is it news?


There is usually a separation between “real” news and tabloid news, but in the age of online journalism, the two previously separated genres often rub shoulders. A look at the home page of Yahoo! or the Daily Mail will show a political story or a piece on uprisings in Kiev next to an article about Kim Kardashian’s derriere.

The Kardashians are a staple in American pop culture. Kim continues to be one of the most searched celebrities year after year, and the whole family’s every move is scrutinized and reported on by the media.

One of the examples of a magazine cover bashing Kim’s weight gain- something normal for people who are pregnant. Source: perezhilton.com

While some things seem worth reporting on; her engagement to Kanye West and subsequent wedding plans being one, Kim’s weight and body shape don’t seem to be as newsworthy.

Still, multiple articles have been written about her fluctuating body. During her pregnancy, the media had a frenzy criticizing how Kim’s once toned and voluptuous figure had taken a turn towards the chunkier size.

In fact, entire magazine covers have been devoted to slamming Kim’s weight gain. One headline from the South African magazine¬†You read “Kate the Waif vs. Kim the Whale,” (“Kate” referring to Kate Middleton, who was similarly tortured for being too skinny while pregnant.)

Now that her pregnancy is over, the news has switched from her weight gain to her rapid baby-weight loss. Kim’s back to gracing the tabloid covers, but the same amount of criticism remains. A Life and Style cover claims Kim is a “Weight Loss Cheater” who “took the easy way out with $80,000 worth of secret procedures,” and an article from the Daily Mail reports that Kim has had “fat injected into her bottom” that was taken from her stomach and thighs.

Kim, like many other celebrities, cannot catch a break when it comes to their own bodies. Body shape, and weight gain/loss is a very personal matter, and I do not believe that it is quite newsworthy. The way that media, across all platforms, exploits celebrities’ bodies for the sake of a story is despicable, as it promotes self-hatred and encourages body shaming.

Celebrities are people too, and do not deserve the amount exposure they receive for their weight. How would you feel if every time you gained a pound it was deemed “news” and reported on across the country? Out of all the the things to make news out of in terms of celebrities, I do not think weight should be one of them.