Fox News co-host calls rising temps ‘BS’


Greg Gutfield, a co-host from Fox News, says that people talking about the hottest year ever or high temperatures are spreading “BS” and he claims they are not telling the full story.

“If you asked them what the increase was, they wouldn’t be able to tell you that every single year that there’s an increase, it is within the margin of error, meaning it isn’t increasing,” Gutfield said.

“So, those are called real truths. The poetic truth is the chaos and the hysteria, because that plays to the media. And it makes you feel so important. And you get to punish America for being so successful by doing these stupid deals. But if you read the facts about the high temperatures, about the reality of our past, it is all BS,” he added.

The Miami Herald did a great job arguing against that statement, interviewing many scientists who reveal that Gutfield is actually wrong, saying that long-term trends clearly show the temperature has been rising for decades as opposed to “single year increases.”

The Herald‘s coverage against Gutfield’s statement is that some years are within the margin of error, some are definitely not, and that Gutfield is not only wrong with the details but also on the big picture and they rate his statement with “pants on fire.”