Girlfriend sends chilling text in suicide


After the life-ending tragedy of Conrad Roy III in July 2014, who inhaled carbon monoxide in his pickup truck, Samantha Boardman, friend, said she received a gruesome text message from Roy’s girlfriend.

According to CNN, Michelle Carter, 17, Roy’s girlfriend, said “He got out of the car because it was working and he got scared and I f—–g told him to get back in.”

“Is there any way a portable generator can kill you somehow?” the message said.

“Because he said he was getting that and some other tools at the store.”

Later, Carter allegedly wrote, “No more pushing it off,” “No more waiting.”

During the time of death on July 13, 2014, Roy was found dead in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, Mass., approximately 40 miles from his home. Roy was wearing a blue T-shirt, shorts and sunglasses, during the time of the scene.

Text messages, such as this, are absurdly difficult to bypass. Carter’s words speak just as loudly as her actions. We cannot say someone did or did not say or do anything, but her words are in black in white, but then again, without physical proof/evidence, Carter is innocent till proven guilty.

According to Carter, “He seemed fine,” she said.

Roy, Conrad’s mother, said she exchanged messages with Carter following her son’s death and mentioned that Carter said she had not been in touch with Conrad on the day of his death. Officials need to investigate Carter’s alibi and focus on the primary concerns of where Carter was during the time of Roy’s death, who she spoke with on the day of his death. The alibis of the affiliates of who Carter was with also need to be investigated.