Texas’ mom arrested children die in hot car


The Parker County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office arrested Cynthia Marie Randolph, 24, for the deaths of her 2-year-old daughter and 16-month-old son, the sheriff’s office said in a news release.

According to Randolph, she left them in the car to teach her daughter a lesson.

“Throughout multiple interviews, Randolph created several variations of the events which led to the death of her children,” the release said.

On May 26, Randolph found her children fooling off around the car at 12:15 p.m. To teach them a lesson, Randolph closed the car door “to teach her daughter a ‘lesson,’ thinking ‘she could get herself and her brother out of car when ready.”

Randolph then went inside and smoked marijuana before falling asleep for two or three hours. According to authorities, Randolph purposely broke into the car window to make the deaths look like an accident.

The children “entered the vehicle on their own and had locked themselves inside,” according to the release. She claimed that she broke one of the car’s windows to try to save them, said Randolph.

This incident is very unfortunate, knowing that the mother of her children lacks the love to care for her children. The real question, though, lies in whether marijuana and sleep was logically more important than the well being of her children left unattended and uncared for prior to the time of her death.

Life is something one cannot get back. The past will no longer return, life has been lost, future doctors, lawyers, engineers or even journalists that could potentially change the world, gone due to a woman’s lack of responsibility. This is problematic of her standing and this crime should not go unnoticed.

Randolph facing a two felony charges in the deaths of her children, the sheriff’s office said.

UFC fighter Tim Hague dies at 34


Dan Grummett of CTV confirmed the news that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Tim Hague died on June 18, while also passing along a statement from the family:

“It is with incredible sadness, sorrow and heartbreak to report that Tim has passed away today. He was surrounded by family, listening to his favorite songs. We will miss him so greatly. We ask for privacy during this difficult time.”

Hague was only 34 years old when he died.

This is certainly a tragic incident. Logistically, 34 years of age, is still a baby in a world of life. Seeing a young man lose his life prematurely, makes one question UFC fighting and if it is worth a life taken away early.

Adam Braidwood earned a knockout win over Hague in Alberta, Canada, which resulted in Hague suffering a serious brain injury, according to James Lynch of Sportsnet.

Hague was then immediately transported to an Edmonton hospital, where Hague was treated throughout the weekend with no sign of improvement.

Something may have to give, either the fight inning of itself for the safety of the person, and I say person, not fighter because athletes are people first, or we find a better way to be competitive and still draw the line in safety.

A huge part of Antarctica is melting


According to CNN, Antarctica has been experiencing unusual weather, which causes scientists questioning the icy continent and it existence in the near future.

On the west side of the icy continent called West Antarctic Ice sheet, scientists have found a 300,000-square mile portion of its perimeter melting.

“A melt of this magnitude is relatively rare in Antarctica,” said Julien Nicolas, one of the paper’s authors at the Ohio State University Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center. “There have been about three or four events of this size in the last 40 years.”

This is problematic, if the melted slush and water refreezes it can leak into cracks and damage the inner structure of the ice.

“When it comes to the disintegration of the ice shelves, they are like corks in a bottle,” said Dr. David Bromwich, another author of the paper and a professor at the Ohio State. “They are holding back the contents of the bottle, in this case the ice sheet, and you take the cork away and everything flows out to the ocean.”

Action must to be taken, if we plan to see dramatically results in the near future, from recycling the basis of bottles, to being cautious while paying close attention to our environment.

“We don’t know the time scale of this,” he said. “There was one modeling study that showed quite dramatic changes on the scale of a few hundred years, and another scenario would be quite a slow change. But a foot of sea rise, or two feet, in the order of 100 years would be alarming.”

We live in a selfish generation, where adults, including millennials, have taken earth for granted. Eventually, if we the people, allow ourselves to continue to treat the earth as trash, it will bite us back.

Karma …

Once the ice is in the ocean, Bromwich says, it could cause sea levels to rise dramatically and rapidly.

“Rapidly,” of course, means something completely different on a geological time scale.

YouTube star accused of child porn


Alternative pop vocalist from Chicago and youtube star with 543,600 subscribers was arrested.

According to CNN, Austin Jones, 24, had been arrested for child pornography on Friday. Jones is a famous for his acapella cover video. Jones  was accused of encouraging two minors to send him sexually explicit video. As told, Jones asked two 14-year-old girls to film themselves dancing while exposing themselves in a sexual manner.

“I’m just trying to help you!” Jones wrote in a message. “I know you’re trying your hardest to prove you’re my biggest fan. And I don’t want to have to find someone else.”

Authorities found dozens of pornographic videos in Jones’ phone when he was arrested and taken into custody at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Jones said he was deeply distraught about his mistake.

“It’s not something that I am proud of,” Jones said.

According to authorities, this was not Jones’ first rodeo.

In 2015, he posted an apology video to his YouTube fans account after being allegedly accused of asking fans to send him videos of themselves twerking in a sexual manner.

The problem with this situation is that authorities needed to nip in the bun since 2015. Due two the fact that authorities needed to wait until another little girl is harmed to take action is absurd. This situation needed to be solved since 2015.

Force him to take down his YouTube channel or fine him a penalty that will cause him to never do it again, but to accept that the fact that he say it is the cause of depression that forced him to to take action in such a way, is illogical.

Jones was charged with two felony counts of production of child pornography.

Man imprisoned for 17 years freed


Convicted 17 years ago, Richard Jones, 41, has been overturned when University of Kansas School of Law helped uncover what was believed to be an unjust conviction.

“I hope and prayed every day for this day to come, and when it finally got here it was an overwhelming feeling,” Jones said in an interview with ABC News’ “Good Morning America.”

Nearly 20 years ago, Jones was wrongfully convicted after trying to steal a purse in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Roeland Park, Kan. According to authorities, Jones had an alibi as to her whereabouts. It was told that DNA and fingerprints never linked Jones to the crime.

This is problematic, if Jones can be wrongful conviction due to eyewitness misidentification, what does this mean to countless of innocent victims placed in prison due to being unlawfully accused Jones teamed with “the Midwest Innocence Project and the Project for Innocence at the University of Kansas School of Law.” During his time in prison, Jones overheard of a man in incarceration who looked just like him.

The Kansas state system followed in on a man named Ricky Amos, 39. Both men executed the age, similar skin tone, the same facial hair and cornrows.

“Once I had seen his picture beside mine and I seen the resemblance me and him had, I just knew,” Jones said. “It was understandable why other people would say the same thing.””It was hard,” Jones said. “I won’t say it was easy because it wasn’t, but I made it through.”

What need to be done, is figuring out a better solution to figuring out who the victim is, we cannot continue figuring out who is who just out of looks, and merely no facts. This cannot continue, if the country what to find better result. Because of the lack of focus, and integrity to get it right, we the people placed an innocent man before bars for 17 years. Thankfully, he is not looking to press charge on the government for lost of years.

Jones said he is enjoying his family, keeping his faith in God and wants to work with The Innocence Project to give freedom to others who are wrongfully convicted.

Girlfriend sends chilling text in suicide


After the life-ending tragedy of Conrad Roy III in July 2014, who inhaled carbon monoxide in his pickup truck, Samantha Boardman, friend, said she received a gruesome text message from Roy’s girlfriend.

According to CNN, Michelle Carter, 17, Roy’s girlfriend, said “He got out of the car because it was working and he got scared and I f—–g told him to get back in.”

“Is there any way a portable generator can kill you somehow?” the message said.

“Because he said he was getting that and some other tools at the store.”

Later, Carter allegedly wrote, “No more pushing it off,” “No more waiting.”

During the time of death on July 13, 2014, Roy was found dead in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, Mass., approximately 40 miles from his home. Roy was wearing a blue T-shirt, shorts and sunglasses, during the time of the scene.

Text messages, such as this, are absurdly difficult to bypass. Carter’s words speak just as loudly as her actions. We cannot say someone did or did not say or do anything, but her words are in black in white, but then again, without physical proof/evidence, Carter is innocent till proven guilty.

According to Carter, “He seemed fine,” she said.

Roy, Conrad’s mother, said she exchanged messages with Carter following her son’s death and mentioned that Carter said she had not been in touch with Conrad on the day of his death. Officials need to investigate Carter’s alibi and focus on the primary concerns of where Carter was during the time of Roy’s death, who she spoke with on the day of his death. The alibis of the affiliates of who Carter was with also need to be investigated.

CNN fires Griffin over gruesome photo


CNN made a quick decision to remove comedian and New Year’s Eve co-host Kathy Griffin after posting a photo holding a bloody head which resembled that of President Donald Trump.

Following the post, President Trump responded in this, “Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!

According to CNN, Sen Al Franken was deeply disturbed by the footage taken by Griffin, but will still plan to appear with Griffin at an event in July. This was not easily said by New Years Eve Co host Anderson cooper. Cooper said he was “appalled by the photo shoot.” “It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate,” he wrote on Twitter.

Cooper cancels his New Year’s Eve plans with Griffin, which undoubtedly, he should. This act of withdrawal allows viewers to understand the importance of what you say and what you post.

As for Griffin this was no accident. Griffin and her photographer thoroughly planned every ounce of the shoot. Prior to the shoot Griffin mentioned they will have to move to Mexico after exposing the photo. It does not matter if you are a Republican or Democrat, or in this situation a lover or hater of President Donald Trump, this is not acceptable to do.

Griffin lost her endorsement deal with “squatty potty.”

Trump ends Obama scholarship program


According to officials, the “Let Girls Learn” program, which was founded by former first lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama in 2015, has been dropped by the Trump administration.

The “Let Girls Learn” provided a platform where Michelle Obama strived to educate young girls in developing countries by giving every young girl the same opportunity that girls in America have. The program develops in girls “the ability to read, write, and analyze; the confidence to stand up and demand justice and equality; the qualifications and connections to get your foot in that door and take your seat at that table-all of that starts with education,” she said.

I could not agree more. Michelle Obama set a standard  of what it means to empower girls with a firm foundation of a good education. Former first lady Obama firmly believed in lifting others up and empowering women to be the best version of themselves. It is unfortunate that President Donald Trump wants to deny young women of an education by denying them their dreams and God-given purpose.

It is safe to say, although the “Let Girls Learn” has been altered, the Peace Corps looks to continue its effort to further educate young women. Rather than altering the current path forward, we hope the agency focuses more on providing technical assistance that can help schools get across the finish line, if they haven’t done so already,” said American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown.

In addition to “Let Girls Learn,” Ivanka Trump, adviser to the president, looks to continue her journey towards empowering young women. According to her Twitter biography,  Trump describes herself as an “Entrepreneur & advocate for the education & empowerment of women & girls.”

Golf great Woods arrested in Jupiter


Winning 14 major tournaments — second only to Jack Nicklaus, Golfer Tiger Woods was arrested around 3 a.m. Monday morning in Jupiter, Fla. According to Jupiter police spokeswoman Kristin Rightler, Woods was taken into custody in a local jail and was released the same with no bond. According to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, it was unclear if Woods was tested positive for alcohol consumption.

According to the information that I have been given, it should be necessary to arrest a person due to alcohol or drug assumption. Either a person tests positive or not. In this specific situation, whether a person is successful or not and even famous or not, the safety of the people around us, who are on the road is just as important. Whether Woods tested positive for drugs or alcohol, taking him off the road is just as important.

“I want to thank my doctors for their great work and support throughout this process. I also want to thank the fans for your phenomenal support. It means more than you know. There’s a long way to go, but as I said, words cannot convey how good it feels to be pain-free.” Woods said about his recovery from back problems earlier this year.

For those unaware, Woods has not won a major tournament event since 2008. He has had a rough process since his divorce. According to CNN’s contributor, David Close, Woods took time off from professional golf, to think about his actions towards his fans and family back in 2010.

It’s clear when a person goes through a troubling time in their lives, it can be hard to come back from it. Woods was never the same again after his divorce.

Suicide bombing outside Manchester


At 10:30 p.m. Manchester time, families and friends gathered together to enjoy a time of music and fun at the Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman Tour.” According to British authorities, during the time of the concert, an armed man committed suicide while detonating a bomb outside Manchester Arena near the ticketing booth, leaving 22 casualties, 60 injured, and others traumatized, scared, and confused.

The night of the explosion, I was coming back from the gym. Following my usual nightly routine, before doing anything else, I tuned into MSNBC in order to get updates on the latest news before eating and then heading to bed. As I began to watch breaking news, my mouth dropped. I was shell-shocked, lost for words. I could not process the information.

The first thing that came into mind, “Why would anyone in their right mind decide to bomb mothers, fathers, and children who are just enjoying themselves, at an Ariana Grande concert?” Andy Holey, waiting to pick his wife and daughter, flew 30 feet from the doors, when the explosion occurred. His first thought was to find his family. When he couldn’t find them, he then proceeded to searching through the bodies for them. He was lucky enough to find his loved ones alive.

Grande responded in a Tweet just five hours after the bombing, “From the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry.” Grande cancelled her remaining 36 shows.

This was a difficult decision for the Grande team to make. This allowed me to feel that Grande is a caring person, who genuinely cares for the safety of her fans.