Minaj debuts new merchandise


According to People.com, the famous female rapper Nicki Minaj came out with a merch line inspired by the “Infamous” fight Minaj had with Cardi B in the Harper’s Bazaar Icon Party.

After the leaving the Icon party, Cardi B took to Instagram where she explained what and why it happened. Explaining how she is going to let Minaj do whatever she pleases including stopping her bags, but what is not going to slide is Minaj speaking ill of Cardi B’s child.

Minaj later that week took it on to her Queen Radio show where she explained her side and addressed the situation claiming never to have spoken “ill” of somebody’s child.

Nicki put no time to waste as she really is about “making money moves” coming out with a merch line poking fun at the fight she had with Cardi B.

Minaj published a photo via Instagram of a pink backpack with the saying “Nicki stopped my bag,” but that wasn’t the only item that Minaj came out with. Minaj also came out with a black t-shirt with the same quote “Nicki stopped my bag.” Accompanied with a few other items according to People.com.

Cardi B hasn’t spoken about Minaj’s new merch line, but made sure to party it up with Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. According to People.com it seems that the two, Cardi B and Meek Mill are teaming up on a new song.

The new project has no release date yet but what is sure is the clap-back Cardi B has in store for Minaj because Cardi B is all about “making money moves,” too.