Recovery from Florence continues


It’s been nearly a month since the hit from Hurricane Florence on the Carolinas and other regions along the East Coast and we are still healing from it.

The hit on Sept. 9 of this year still has some of North Carolina flooded. Vox reported that the climate change caused the storm to be more damaging than expected.

The temperature increased prior to the storms hit on the the east coast region causing the storms rainfall and sea level to rise. Floods are as high as 35 inches and approximately 10 trillion gallons between North, South Carolina, and Virgina.

A dog has recently been rescued after spending nearly a week floating on a couch. Owners left behind the dog while fleeing to another state. They called a local humane society but rescuers were not able to locate the house because of the high floods, but were lucky enough to find the dog on the third go ‘round.

It has also been reported that nearly 50 people have lost thier lives due to Florence. There are also about $22 billion worth of damage that needs to be repaired as well. Donations can be made at or by calling 1-800-435-7669.