NYFW through eyes of social media


New York Fashion Week 2015 is in full swing and social media has been heating up with the latest coverage. Now more than ever, viewers get an inside look into the ins and outs of Fashion Week through social media outlets such as Instagram and Snapchat. It was a huge advance when shows started to be filmed live on YouTube a few years ago, but now we can see fashion week from every angle.

From behind-the-scenes footage, designers talking directly to viewers, models interacting, and the shows themselves. Through these social media outlets we are able to be a part of a global event that is normally closed off for A-list celebrities and fashions elite. Fashion houses use their social media platforms to promote their shows, get their name out there to be the best of the best.

Fashion brands rely heavily on their social media status to connect with customers, designers, buyers, and fashion media. The more publicity they receive on these media platforms the better. Numerous designers are finding ways to incorporate Instagram to their shows, which their calling Insta-Show, which involves fashion influencers to take snapshots of the collection and post them to their social media accounts rather than conduct a runway show.

The latest major story to hit social media was the opening ceremony’s dance performance runway. Throughout my Insta feed everyone was posting videos of the performance giving it rave reviews. Without this coverage we wouldn’t have been able to see this and be apart of the show itself. I can’t wait to continue to see what new advancement will be next for New York Fashion Week coverage.