Good deed goes unnoticed by media


Unfortunately, good deeds and good news often go unnoticed by larger news media organizations as these touching stories are often overshadowed by the hard, political news we are accustomed to seeing when we turn on the TV.

However, acts of goodwill and selflessness that serve to better a community should never go unnoticed, as service gives way to change and the betterment of the collective.

So that is why when I got wind of the generous and benevolent efforts of an elderly Canadian couple, I couldn’t dare keep it to myself.

Rick and Donna Wanless, the owners of a 25-acre farm in New Westminster, Canada, have decided to extend the use of their land to veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

In partnership with a local housing project, known as Honor House, the couple plans to turn part of their farm into a sanctuary for Canadian first responders and veterans dealing with PTSD.

Honor House, also native to New Westminster, provides individuals facing PTSD a place to stay with their families while they seek treatment and rehab in nearby areas.

The farm, which will be named Honor Ranch after Honor House, will offer programs geared towards rehabilitating those veterans and first responders, and Rick says that he hopes the project will provide a bit of an escape from the everyday rigors of life.

Rick, a retired teacher, developed the idea following his encounter with first responders who rescued him after he fell of his horse. With a broken pelvis and some down time, Rick had some time to think, and says that his accident helped him realize what a great help these individuals can be.

Rick is hoping that those individuals battling with PTSD will use the ranch as a retreat, where they could camp, fish and do some boating.

Personally, I find it upsetting to note that this story of goodwill was not covered by any major news networks such as Fox, CNN, or MSNBC, as these networks need to do a better job of covering positive news, even if it’s only a short piece once daily. along with were the only two sites as of Wednesday that had written their own stories in reference to the project, and given the Wanless’ sacrifice and dedication to service, I hoped that there would be a little more coverage on the project.

However, although the noteworthy project has not gained the media attention it deserves, once the New Westminster Fire Department got word of the development, they offered to contribute by building a 300 square foot cottage on the property.

Although news is meant to be informative, I believe that news is often too negative and, sometimes, amid the daily chaos, we need something positive to remind us that this world is not all bad, a fact that is too easy to forget.