Triple-breasted models walk in Milan


Triple breasted models made headlines in major magazines during Milan Fashion Week.

These triple-breasted models were wearing fake boobs, we can say the designer really pulled a triple-threat making major headlines in American magazines such like and

The Italian street brand CDGS decided to shut the runway down by shocking attendees, sending two of his models down the runway with the appearance of three breasts.

The designs were inspired by futuristic environmental changes, according to But even didn’t get a straight answer as to why the third breast?

If the intention of the third breast was to make a controversy, they sure did that, and it definitely gave them more exposure in the fashion industry.

The creative director of the brand Giuliano Calza and his team all under the age of 30, wanted to talk to our generation about the future through fashion. They surely caught our attention.

Scott uses runway for political stand


Jeremy Scott used his runway to take a political stand.

Scott is known for his unapologetic style in fashion. He is very creative and is all about having fun while creating fashion.

Scott closed his show with a debut of his white t-shirt with black letters saying, “Tell your senators no on Kavanaugh.” The t-shirt statement was followed by the phone number to Washington, D.C., where you are able to call an express how you feel.

The article on Jeremy Scott covered who Kavanaugh is to the general public and why he is important while keeping it simple for an audience who probably isn’t politically inclined to understand.

According to, Scott has been very open lately on his political views with gay rights and is not holding back any time soon. Continuing showing his stance by showcasing this t-shirt during New York Fashion Week in protest to change the election of Kavanaugh.

He hopes that other designers follow his lead and speak up on what is right during NYFW where it can make a great impact.