Night at the Frost Museum


One of the most recently opened museums in the South Florida area, the Frost Museum of Science, has also become one of the most popular. And, as reported by the Sun Sentinel, the museum will continue to strengthen that popularity by organizing three sleepovers in the upcoming six months.

As this museum is known to be very child-friendly, the sleepovers – referred to as “Overnight Adventures”– will only be open for participants in the 6-17 age range. Exceptions to this include parents who must accompany their children.

The first adventure will take place on Feb. 9, followed by the second and third ones on April 12 and June 8. To the convenience of parents and children alike, all three events will take place on Friday nights. Additionally, all programming of the night will occur at the museum.

Spending the night at the Frost will expose children and accompanying adults to a whole new side of the museum. The museum reports that programming for these nights will include “after-hour access to selected exhibitions and a Frost Planetarium show.”

Additionally, participants should expect a “fire and ice” show, many hands-on activities, and start-gazing on the museum’s rooftop terrace. This allows for diversion, while at the same time teaching children about science.

The information website asks participants to pack their “jammies” as well as sleeping bags and a pillow. The $80 cost of the adventure takes care of everything else participants might need. This includes breakfast, dinner, a t-shirt, and a “Total Experience” free ticket to be used during their next visit. An extra $10 might be spent on parking. Activities are reported to be starting at 7 p.m. these nights.

In addition to the dates previously stated, there will also be two Overnight Adventures that will only be open for Girl Scouts of America members. These will take place on March 9th and May 11th.