Marvel superheroes creator dead at 95


Known for creating many loved superhero characters, the famous and much respected Stan Lee has passed away.

It was reported 20 hours ago that Lee was struggling with health issues. According to an article published on Fox, Lee had pneumonia and problems with his vision as well.

Stan Lee has left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. His impact on the entertainment industry and especially the comic book world will live on to remember him. Stan Lee was the top writer and later publisher for Marvel, he is known for saving the industry and making the company what it has become today.

Lee had a special way of making his characters mean something to people. On a story written by Tyler McCathy published by Fox, it was stated that the producer of “Men in Black,” Jeff Kline said, “The beauty of Stan Lee’s characters is that they were characters first and superheroes next.” This shows how his creations and ideas were unique, making him an icon in the entertainment industry.

Stan Lee died on Veteran’s day, his last social media post was this same day when he posted a picture of himself while serving in World War II.

Thoughts and prayers are with the family and fans of Stan Lee during this difficult time. Many fans around the world grieve his loss because of all he did for the childhood and entertainment of many. Lee’s legacy will live on and his memory will be honored.

Kardashians show off Halloween outfits


The Kardashian sisters once again take over Halloween.

This year all the sisters had more than four Halloween outfits to show off on social media, including the Victoria Secret Angel look that all the sisters rocked.

Victoria Secret personally landed the Kardashian sister’s actual VS wings from the runway.

Kim Kardashian’s dream was made come true after she’s dreamed for year being able to be a VS Angel and for Kendall Jenner it was just practice for this upcoming fashion show.

Kendall Jenner has been part of the show for two years, this year being her third.

The five sisters made sure to give Victoria Secret credit on social media for letting them borrow the wings for that night.

According to E! News they had a paid partnership for them to let the Kardashian’s borrow the wings.

The Kardashians weren’t the only ones showing of their cute costumes, they made sure to dress the next generation to live up to their Halloween legacy.

According to E! News, It is clear to say to say that Kylie Jenner won this year’s Halloween competition outshining all the sisters with her creative Halloween costumes.

Pageant greets first trans contestant


Although Miss Universe has accepted trans participants since 2012, the 26-year-old Angela Ponce will be the first trans gender woman to participate in the global Miss Universe Pageant. After beating 20 other contestants in the Miss Universe Spain Gala and making it to the global pageant, Ponce aims to change the world.

Facing rejection throughout her career for being trans, Ponce wants to become a voice for trans kids and let them know they are beautiful and not alone in the world. Trans teenagers around the globe face high attempts of suicide and not enough help is being offered to this issue.

Transphobia is common all around the world and a topic that is quickly ignored, Ponce wants to use this pageant as a platform to bring awareness for transgender individuals of all ages all around the globe who face suffer suicidal thoughts and attempts as well as legal codes who discriminate against transgenders publicly either in public bathrooms and also employment discrimination.

According to NBC, an European transgender group TGEU published a study last year and discovered that “77.5 percent of 885 transgender people more than 16 years old polled in Georgia, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Sweden had considered taking their own lives and that 24.5 percent of respondents had made at least one attempt.”

News outlets have done a great job at communicating Ponce’s perspective on this milestone and not keeping quiet about this. Ponce’s interview with the Associated Press Madrid in Spain has gone viral allowing people around the world to know about this issue.

It is important that they have not ignored her message, where she does not aim for the title of the crown but more importantly fight for transgender rights.

‘Megyn Kelly Today’ cancelled


Megyn Kelly, host of NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today,” has officially been fired from the network after making inappropriate comments on one of the show’s episodes. During an on-air panel discussion about controversial Halloween costumes, the topic of dressing in blackface was addressed. Kelly prefaced the segment by saying she was “fired up” about the topic, and that political correctness has “gone amuck.”

“What is racist?” Kelly said. “You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was okay just as long as you were dressing as a character.”

Many were outraged by Kelly’s insensitive remarks. In response to the controversy, the next day, Kelly began her show by apologizing to her viewers and colleagues. However, the damage had already been done.

“The fact is, while she apologized to the NBC staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country,” her colleague Al Roker said during his segment of the Today Show.”

A survey conducted by the Hollywood Reporter revealed that 45 percent of those questioned felt NBC’s decision to cancel the show was “too harsh of a consequence.”

In a USA Today article entitled, “‘Megyn Kelly Todaycould’ve taught us about blackface this Halloween,” the author feels that taking her off the air was not the right thing to do. Rather, this could have been used as an opportunity to educate people on the history of blackface so they can understand why it is so offensive.

A CNN article pointed out that the only way to resolve issues such as these is through dialogue and engagement with people who have different perspectives and life experiences, and the author feels that NBC could have done a better job at facilitating this.

At this point in time, the future is uncertain for Megyn Kelly. It was reported that she has been dropped by her current agent and is seeking representation elsewhere. Kelly recently obtained a lawyer, and matters are very tense between her and NBC executives as they negotiate the terms of her exit. While many speculated that she would return to FOX, Lachlan Murdoch, the CEO of New Fox said that the network does not plan on adding her back to their lineup anytime soon.

Jenner scandal centers on her Afro


Kendall Jenner caught in another controversy regarding cultural appropriation.

Vogue recently recently did a shoot with the supermodel Kendall Jenner, where you see her wearing an Afro.

The Internet lashed back when these photos were published by Vogue. People took it into offense calling it cultural appropriation. According to the Daily Mail people were bashing Vogue for not have hired a model with a natural fro.

Ever since her last scandal from her Pepsi commercial, where she made it seem like police brutality wasn’t so big and that you can solve anything as easy as giving a pop. Making people skeptical regarding this new shoot.

According to people are just waiting on the “half-baked apology”. Although Jenner hasn’t yet publicly apologized Vogue took the blame.

According to the Daily Mail, Vogue apologized saying, “We did not mean to offend,” insisting the look was inspired by the “puffed-out” styles of the 1960s and 1970s.”

The whole family at some point has been accused of cultural appropriation and in most cases have released a statement clearing it all up.

We will have to see and wait if the supermodel Kendall Jenner decides to give a public apology to those who she might have offended.

Fans support Gomez during treatment


Singer Selena Gomez has been hospitalized due to complications having to do with her previous kidney transplant procedure and for her mental health. Gomez was reportedly working on the music video for “Taki Taki” and now she has to focus on her health. Many fans are supporting the celebrity through this process and the break that she is taking from her professional life.

According to an article by Lisa Respers France and Chloe Menas published on, Gomez has suffered in the past from lupus and has been open about her medical conditions with her fans keeping the public informed about what she is going through.

Specific details about her current medical conditions are not known but the popular singer is receiving a lot of support during this time. Reportedly she will be taking a break from the spotlight at this time to focus on her overall health.

According to CBS News, “Gomez checked herself into a wellness program in New York earlier this year to treat depression and anxiety.” Mental health is a big factor when it comes to being a celebrity and right now Gomez’s fans are concerned with her well being.

News sources have been treating this story delicately since it is a very sensitive and personal topic. More specific information about Gomez’s health will be known in the future and fans will be waiting to be updated on the singer’s health.

Swift post leads to registration spike


As the deadlines for voter registration approached in many states, voter registration sites noticed an uptick in traffic. Late registrations? Maybe. Forgetful teens? Could be. Voters who follow Taylor Swift on Instagram? Absolutely.

On Sunday, pop star Taylor Swift announced on her Instagram her support for two Democratic candidates running for Congress in her home state of Tennessee.

“I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country,” Swift wrote in the Instagram posts.

Swift’s Instagram post on October 7th lead to unprecedented numbers of young voter registrations (Photo courtesy of @taylorswift).

Swift has notoriously remained apolitical throughout her almost 12-year career. Many speculated that Swift’s silence on political controversies alluded to her support of President Trump.

Following Swift’s Instagram post, reported unprecedented numbers of voter registrations.

“We have never seen a 24- or 36- or 48-hour period like this. This is leaps and bounds beyond what we typically see,” spokesperson Kamari Guthrie, said in an interview with the New York Times.

It is reported that since Sunday, 6,200 new voters have registered in the state of Tennessee alone. That number alone surpasses the total number of registrants in the state of Tennessee from the months of May to September.

When asked about the comments, President Trump was quick to attack Swift’s music.

“I like Taylor’s music about 25 percent less now, O.K.?” he said.

West visits Trump in Oval Office


Arguably our most controversial president, Donald Trump has brought many mixed emotions to many people from lower class to middle class. But this weekend he has reunited with an entertainer who some people are calling “his best bud.”

Yesterday Kanye West, rapper and music producer, met with the president for what was supposed to be a luncheon. Many reporters were there snapping always with pictures and recording their meeting together, where the conversation grew deep.

“I love this guy,” said the multiple Grammy award winner as he walked up to hug the president. “It was from the soul, I just channeled it in.”

West goes on to talk about how he is motivated by the president and the great feeling he gets when he puts on that red MAGA hat.

“I love Hillary. I love everyone, but the campaign ‘I’m with her’ just didn’t make me feel … as a guy … it was something about this hat that made me feel like Superman,” he explained.

With all the love and attention Trump is receiving from the self proclaimed Ye, West, on the other hand, has received a lot of backlash from many celebrities that used to be good friends with The talented musician.

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, as well as Clifford “T.I.” Harris, made it known via social media that they are not supportive of West’s meeting. “Not Black Excellence” was hashtagged in a tweet by P. Diddy while T.I. went on a huge rant on Instagram explaining that he has given up on his friendship with Kanye.

Does Superman risk his image and friendship with others with something or someone he supports?

New quartet releases ‘Taki Taki’ single


DJ Snake collaborated with a Latino rapper Ozuna to make a banger, “Taki Taki,” but he wasn’t the only one on the track. Cardi B was put into the track alongside Selena Gomez to add the female Latina vibe.

According to E! News, DJ Snake wanted a “reggaetón, club record” and he knew having Ozuna on the record was going to be an amazing collaboration. That wasn’t enough for DJ Snake, He wanted to add more of a spice to the track and so he did.

Dj Snake told Billboard, “and then I wanted more females on the record — and Spanish-speaking, you know?” and that is where both Cardi B and Selena Gomez came into play.

All the artists on this track really made the collaboration sound it like it was meant to happen. They track flows smoothly from artist to artist making the track sound seamless not one artist out shinning another.

Dj Snake told E! News, “two queens right here. That’s what I wanted to do, and they blessed me with this greatness and dope energy. Selena and Cardi is a great combo.”

So, we wouldn’t be surprised if a collab with the Bodak Yellow rapper Cardi B and Pop-sensation, Selena Gomez came to the horizon.

Taki Taki is already No. 27 in the Billboard Hot 100s and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it reaches No. 1 in a couple of weeks.

Minaj debuts new merchandise


According to, the famous female rapper Nicki Minaj came out with a merch line inspired by the “Infamous” fight Minaj had with Cardi B in the Harper’s Bazaar Icon Party.

After the leaving the Icon party, Cardi B took to Instagram where she explained what and why it happened. Explaining how she is going to let Minaj do whatever she pleases including stopping her bags, but what is not going to slide is Minaj speaking ill of Cardi B’s child.

Minaj later that week took it on to her Queen Radio show where she explained her side and addressed the situation claiming never to have spoken “ill” of somebody’s child.

Nicki put no time to waste as she really is about “making money moves” coming out with a merch line poking fun at the fight she had with Cardi B.

Minaj published a photo via Instagram of a pink backpack with the saying “Nicki stopped my bag,” but that wasn’t the only item that Minaj came out with. Minaj also came out with a black t-shirt with the same quote “Nicki stopped my bag.” Accompanied with a few other items according to

Cardi B hasn’t spoken about Minaj’s new merch line, but made sure to party it up with Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. According to it seems that the two, Cardi B and Meek Mill are teaming up on a new song.

The new project has no release date yet but what is sure is the clap-back Cardi B has in store for Minaj because Cardi B is all about “making money moves,” too.

Julie Chen to leave ‘The Talk’


Julie Chen was once regarded as television royalty. She has been a long-time host and is the wife of Leslie Moonves, the former CEO of CBS. Earlier this month, Moonves resigned from his position amid allegations of sexual misconduct and violence made by several women.

Chen decided to stand by her husband since the allegations first surfaced in July and, as a result, received a great deal of backlash, mainly from women.

After a week-long absence as host of CBS’ daytime talk show, The Talk,” Chen reappeared in a pre-recorded message announcing her departure from the show. She did not address the allegations made against her husband, but simply said, “I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son, so I’ve decided to leave ‘The Talk’.” Chen has hosted the show since it began nearly a decade ago.

At the end of the taped message, the camera returned to the set of The Talk,” where Chen’s co-hosts expressed their love and gratitude toward her.

While it is clear that they support their friend, in an episode that aired one week prior, the women did not shy away from talking about Moonves’ exit from the network and showing their support for his alleged victims.

It has also been interesting to watch CBS News cover the story as it continues to unfold. They have done so in a very professional and objective manner, although it is clearly a conflict of interest.

Chen’s departure has generated mostly positive responses from fellow TV hosts and journalists. Numerous people have spoken out to show their support for the beloved host. However, according to USA Today, many felt that she could not continue to host a television show that promotes female empowerment while her husband is being accused of mistreating women.

Chen is also the host of CBS’ hit reality series, Big Brother.” She plans to continue hosting the show as she has done for the past 18 years.

‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ released


Last week marked the release of the newest entry in the “Tomb Raider” series, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider” is the third and final chapter of Lara Croft’s origin story. It has received mostly positive reviews. Most critics have praised the game’s improved story, graphics and gameplay.

The franchise’s famous hero, Lara Croft, has been raiding tombs since her first appearance in 1996’s “Tomb Raider” for the PlayStation One and Sega Saturn. This long-running franchise has had 12 main games as well as countless spin-off games, such as “Lara Croft Go” for mobile phones and the downloadable game, “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.” The series has also inspired other popular game series such as “Uncharted.”

Despite the success of the series, there was a time where critics and video game journalists were convinced that the “Tomb Raider” series had run its course and was no longer relevant. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix then rebooted the franchise with 2013’s “Tomb Raider.” Much like the James Bond series 2006 reboot, “Casino Royal,” the new “Tomb Raider” was grittier than any previous entry and reinvented Lara Croft as more human than before in this origin story.

Both 2013’s “Tomb Raider” and its sequel, “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” were both critical and commercial successes. Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda revealed that the last two games combined have sold nearly 18 million copies. The only common complaint about the last two “Tomb Raider” games were their generic stories.

Just about every entertainment source that shares news about video games has mentioned “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” one way or another. Despite this, the PlayStation 4-exclusive, “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” which was released only one week prior has received much critical praise and media attention. This game may hurt the sales of “Shadow of the Tomb Raider.”

Miller died hours before body was found


More information on musician Mac Miller’s death has been released. Emergency personnel discovered the rapper had passed away hours before authorities found the body.

Many fans all over the world have been grieving Mac Miller’s sudden death at such a young age and it has left many in shock. It has been reported that Miller, 26, suffered an apparent drug overdose. Miller had a history of drug addiction and fans were aware of it because he shared his experience and struggle through his lyrics.

The news media have handled Miller’s death respectfully; however, official knowledge of the incident has yet to be confirmed. Outraged fans began to attack Miller’s ex-girlfriend: Ariana Grande on social media, blaming her for the tragedy because she broke up with the rapper due to his drug addiction.

On an article published on Fox News, written by Ryan Gaydos, it is reported that when authorities arrived at the scene they assumed the house was “swept clean” therefore, officials cannot confirm exactly what happened the night before the rapper overdosed.

Being such a sensitive topic, the news media have handled it delicately to protect the privacy of the family and report the information in a respectable manner. So far, news on Miller’s death has been just that, quick, constantly updated, and to the point.

More information about the incident is yet to be discovered but as officials investigate, more details will be revealed.

Rihanna show includes pregnant model


Savage X Fenty made New York Fashion Week headlines such as the one on for their extremely diverse cast of models including supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, but who stole the show was model Slick Woods.

Rihanna’s muse, Slick Woods, walked the Savage X Fenty lingerie show, showcasing her bump with pasties.

The full bump looked stunning and really sent a message to women to love your body and be confident no matter what your stage in life.

Woods has been working with Rihanna in campaigns for Rihanna like Fenty Beauty. The model is not the typical cookie-cutter model and that is what Rihanna loves about her, which is why she is her muse. Woods’s look inspires Rihanna in all her projects. said it is not a new thing to have pregnant models on the runway but it definitely new to have a pregnant model in lingerie with just pasties covering her breast.

It was a big risk Rihanna took, but that’s nothing new as Rihanna is known to be a trendsetter; coming through with her uncommon ideas.

The queen of fashion made sure to kill NYFW being one of the last shows to happen and Rihanna did exactly that.

Kardashian continues justice crusade


Reality television star Kim Kardashian West is known for many things. The model, TV personality and entrepreneur can now add “advocate for criminal justice reform” to her long list of accolades.

In June, Kardashian West paid a visit to the White House, where she spoke with President  Trump on behalf of Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence in prison for drug possession. Through her efforts, Kardashian West was able to convince Trump to reduce Johnson’s prison time.

While this was certainly a great accomplishment for Kardashian West, her work was not yet done. According to CNN, Kardashian West arrived at the White House once again on Wednesday morning to attend a session on clemency and prison reform with White House officials, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

This time, she also advocated for a man named Chris Young. During an appearance on the podcast, “Wrongful Conviction,” Kardashian West revealed that Young was sentenced to life in prison on drug possession charges in 2010. He already had two prior convictions for drug possession, which resulted in a third strike, and ultimately led to a life sentence.

“Yesterday, I had a call with a gentleman that’s in prison for a drug case — got life. It’s so unfair. He’s 30 years old; he’s been in for almost 10 years,” Kardashian West told the podcast.

At the session, Kardashian West took to Twitter, where she shared photos with the caption, “It started with Ms. Alice, but looking at her and seeing the faces and learning the stories of the men and women I’ve met inside prisons I knew I couldn’t stop at just one. It’s time for REAL systemic change.”

I, along with many others, applaud Kardashian West for standing up for her beliefs and using her celebrity status to help others. Major news outlets covering the story ranging from Fox News to Rolling Stone to People magazine have been supportive of her efforts, as well.

Noticeably quiet about Kardashian West’s latest White House visit was the New York Post, which infamously mocked the star, calling her “Kim Thong Un” and referred to her first meeting with Trump as “The Other Big Ass Summit.” Although many love to mock her, Kardashian West received an outpouring of support from other reporters and media outlets, condemning The Post for its insensitive comments.

Perhaps the response surrounding Kardashian West’s work has been more positive this time around is because we can see it was not just a one-time publicity stunt. It is clear that she is passionate about this issue and is determined to make a difference. I look forward to hearing more about her future endeavors in criminal justice reform.

Post takes stab at Kardashian initiative


Kim Kardashian made her way to the Oval Office this Wednesday to meet with President Trump in order to discuss prison reform and sentencing. Many people applauded the reality star’s political initiative.

While meeting Trump, Kardashian spoke for 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson who was sentenced to prison with no parole for a first-time drug offense.

Johnson has served 20 years in prison. Kardashian tweeted, “It is our hope that the President will grant clemency to Ms. Alice Marie Johnson.”

While some believe that Kardashian is using her platform to make a positive impact, others see this as a PR hoax.

The biggest critic overall happened to be the New York Post, which mocked Kardashian as “Kim Thong Un” and referred to the meeting as a “Big Ass Summit” on the front page. Journalists and reporters had a lot to say about the cover. CNN’s Don Lemon defended the reality star and described the paper’s cover as “appalling” and “sexist.”

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty added, “Can we just stand back for a moment and acknowledge the sexism of this headline? @KimKardashian is far from the first celebrity to understand the power of using her spotlight to call attention to a serious issue.”

To publish such a mean spirited cover against someone who was just trying to advocate for criminal justice reform seems highly inefficient. We should support citizen participation within our democracy.

The news media are turning political activism into a joke enabling others to back away from it because of possible criticism.

I was happy to see other journalists chime in to support Kardashian. Although coverage like this diminishes the value of good journalism, the outcome of political discourse and conversation, especially between young adults, outweighs the negative impact. It’s important for people to see this and talk about why it’s wrong. Publications like this also help the public distinguish good sources of news from bad.

U.S. media adores royal wedding


The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held on May 19 and was covered by many local and national news stations including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and The Washington Post to name a few.

Harry, member of the British royal family, took the hand of former American actress, Meghan Markle, in marriage. Because of her background, broadcast and print journalists repetitively stressed how rare this union of marriage was for the British monarchy. Not only is Meghan an American actress, but is also a bi-racial divorcee. American news stations used the wedding as a symbolic gesture of acceptance and unity between both countries. More importantly, the wedding was seen as a progressive footprint in the monarchy’s past customs.

CBS, out of all the different networks, was the one that seemed to be the most uninformed and over-the-top. The voice overs for the b-roll were obvious narrations of things that were going on within the footage. Ex: “Here she is walking down the aisle.” No extra information was given that couldn’t already be known from what was playing on the screen. In addition, they had trouble informing their viewers on who designed the wedding dress, as well as some other basic facts that could’ve been checked before air-time.

The media was heavily focused on who the attendees were and what they were wearing. The reporters on CBS even singled out which attendees were “A-listers” and “B-listers.” I would’ve liked to have seen the media cover more information about why this was such a prominent moment in British history or even how it was relevant to the rest of the world.

When I think of news, I think of the words prominence, relevance, impact and timeliness. The news outlets I tuned into had most of these characteristics, but they seemed to lack enough impact and relevance which led me to categorize this event as nothing but entertainment news.

As for ABC, I found them to be more informed and concise than any other station. Aside from the usual on-air fluff and filler comments, they used historical references to inform viewers on family ties. ABC attempted to cover possible questions viewers may have while tuning into the wedding. Who is Prince Harry? Who did he descend from? What is the Windsor Castle and why is it so important?

ABC used graphics and maps to show us where the castle was in relation to the church, the routes where the parade was held, etc. For those who have never visited England, this was a good addition to the segment.

ABC called on correspondents like Paula Feris, Lloyd Webber, and interviewed Andrew Morton (a royal biographer who studied Diana and Meghan Markel). They had informants, numerous sources to back up their information, and compelling historical facts.

I was also surprised at the amount of hype our local stations put out before and during the wedding. South Florida stations were broadcasting the wedding and commentating in re-decorated newsrooms resembling customary British tea parties.

Local business and bars were celebrating, movie theaters opened early to air the wedding on their screens, and tea shops were selling Prince Harry and Meghan Markel memorbilia. Aside from the media, businesses were using this event as a way to reel in the public. The sad part is that it seemed to work! Even the media covered these local events (see media below).

Overall, media coverage of the Royal Wedding was marked by fascination, criticism, speculation and an exaggerated level of significance. This event had some journalists reporting with disparity trying to pump out as much nonsense as possible. At this point, it is safe to say that the media (at all levels) will report on just about anything that will increase ratings and readership.

Ultra Music Festival becoming safer?


Despite the negative coverage in the past few years, Miami EDM music festival, Ultra, received comparably more positive coverage this year, as it is considered to have been relatively safe when compared to other years.

The music festival takes place every spring and has seen extreme amounts of arrests and deaths of festival-goers through its history.

On its 20th anniversary, however, CBS Miami reported that Miami Police only arrested 27 people on the account of Ultra in the three days of the festival.

Additionally, the Ultra Music Festival security director referred to this festival as “one of the safest.”

This is not only favorable for festival-goers, but it is also great news for the people that live around Bayfront Park, which is where the festival takes place every year.

This time of year is usually stressful for homeowners of the area, as some have confessed to news outlets that they leave their Brickell homes every year during this time. But coverage focusing on positive aspects of the music festival, such as this CBS Miami story puts homeowners at ease.

This article also reports that the arrests were mainly related to fake tickets and the use of drugs. While these subjects are to be taken seriously, they are considered to be minor offenses compared to what has been seen in previous years.

If Ultra Music Festival continues to become increasingly safer as time progresses, the festival can become a completely safe environment for people to enjoy EDM music free of risk.

The article can be found at:

Kimmel exposes Trump’s hypocrisy


Popular night time show host Jimmy Kimmel announced he planned to file a federal complaint against the Trump family’s new Trump Store.

A screen capture from Jimmy Kimmel’s show clip on YouTube where he presents the box and letter from the Trump Store.

The talk show host of has been vocal about calling out the Trump administration’s policy issues and controversial political decisions.

On the latest episode of his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” questioned Trump’s “Buy American!” rhetoric.

It has been a phrase the president has pushed since the beginning of the election and most recently reiterated while moving for high foreign tariffs.

Kimmel expressed agreement with the idea of supporting American businesses and manufacturers, and also stated that Trump’s sons, who run the brand new online Trump Store, seemed to hold the belief t even stronger than he did.

As a test, he ordered several items from their merchandise site and found that all of them were made in China, though several left out the country of origin. Kimmel stated that an omission of such could bring around half a million dollars in fines and he has already filed a federal complaint against the store.

Though he expressed this as a honest move to fix a possible oversight, the action will surely bring to light the two-sided nature of Trump’s words.

One of the items from the online store, a coin bank, with no marked country of origin.

But the most interesting part of this story is not the federal complaint placed but the way Kimmel laid out and physically showed the lack of American-made products from the Trump Store. I

n a way very unique to television he was able to open a box from the legitimate store and show the inscriptions, embroidery and tags (or lack of) describing the Chinese, Peruvian, or Taiwanese origin of the products. He ordered everything from a golf club cover to a baby’s bib and did a simplistically wonderful way of showing the range of places these items came from.

John Oliver, host of “Last Week with John Oliver,” often directly presents reports, interviews and documents while exposing politicians.

In an age where the public has become less and less trusting of news and entertainment media and gravitates toward sensationalized stories, flashy headlines and personal echo chambers, the earnest and straight-forward way Kimmel presented the physical evidence can not be denied by even the most staunch Trump supporter.

Many late-night talk shows have begun to take this approach when it comes to politics and cite specific phrases from government guidelines and show actual documents of fraud, theft or deceit.

It seems in an age of appeal over quality, this is the only way to keep people from blindly believing whatever Twitter headline they come across next. No one can deny cold, hard presentation like that.

SXSW bomb threat halts concert


On March 16, a bomb threat at the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, Texas, resulted in the cancellation of a performance by The Roots.

The event, sponsored by Bud Light, was cancelled at 4:30 p.m. via Twitter, following a bomb threat that had been sent through email to the Live Nation Music event promotion company. Bud Light tweeted, “your safety and the safety of all fans at SXSW is our most important priority.”

Twitter effectively helped to cancel the show and publicize news of the bomb threat. Bud Light representatives took to twitter to say that as information is made available, it will be posted on Twitter. Austin police arrested 26-year-old Trevor Weldon Ingram as the main suspect of the threat. Ingram was charged for making a terroristic threat – a third-degree felony in the United States.

Before the arrest, police were already scared of ongoing bombings in Austin. The threat came a few days after homemade bombs exploded in the city, resulting in two fatalities and three injuries. Two packages exploded at Austin homes on March 12 and March 2.

Statement issued by the Austin local government regarding the bomb threat via Twitter.

According to neighbors, the packages were so powerful that windows and walls of houses blocks away shook when the bombs went off. The explosive devices inside the packages were detonated when the residents picked them up.

According to The New York Times, Austin civilians have been warned to call 911 in the case of receiving any suspicious packages. Since the warning, the phone lines at the police station have been consistently busy with news of suspicious packages.

Police have not ruled out the incidents as being hate crimes, as the two victims of the bombings were African-Americans whose families were very involved in the community.

The bomb threat at SXSW targeted The Roots concert – a primarily African-American hip hop group. The Roots were supposed to be performing alongside several other musicians including Ludacris, Rapsody and Tank and the Bangas, who are also African-American performers.

The Roots drummer, Questlove, addressed the cancellation as the result of a “severe emergency”.