United States

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge (Staff photo).

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge (Staff photo).

In this section, we explore travel destinations outside of Florida. Our writers have traveled to all corners of our country to get the stories you will find here.

You’ll find we’ve gone to California to the west and Connecticut to the northeast. And many places, such as Ohio, Nevada, and North Carolina, in between.

Get to know places with names you will recognize— New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Los Angeles — and some that are a bit less known, such as New Haven, Conn., Lake Lure, N.C., and Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis (Staff photo).

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis (Staff photo).

You will find travel features and photographs about popular attractions and destinations on these pages of our Web site.

We focus on what is there to see and do and the people who make these places so special.

We hope you will enjoy our feature stories and photographs.


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