STA Travel helps college students save with discounts for worldwide journeys

Posted October 13, 2015


Amanda Perez-Villarreal, a student at Florida International University, has just returned from an eye-opening semester abroad in Japan.

In general, flights from Miami to Japan are more expensive than a flight from Miami to New York for example.

When asked how she purchased her flight, Amanda quickly responded.

“I used STA Travel because it offered me the cheapest price. I paid $1,433 for my round trip flight from Miami to Tokyo,” she stated.

Students around the world travel for an array of reasons. Whether it’s to catch a flight back home for the holidays or spend a week in Cancun for spring break, plane tickets are constantly being purchased.

But are students missing out on discounts when it comes to flights and travel deals?




Flying along the East Coast of Australia

Flying along the East Coast of Australia



STA Travel started more than 30 years ago in Australia. It was created by students for students. The goal was for students to travel the world at the lowest possible prices. Most of the discounts offered are for students under the age of 26, although anyone can use this travel agency and potentially get discounts.

Nayan, a representative from STA Travel, who did not want to be completely identified for personal reasons, further confirms that this is one of the greatest agencies for student travel. “STA Travel has been getting student’s discounted flights for more than three decades.”

Expedia, Kayak, and Travelocity are some of the most popular travel agencies where people book their flights.

Anthony Barbera, a finance student at Florida International University, uses Expedia to purchase all of his flights. “It’s simple to use and gives me the lowest prices available,” said Anthony Barbera.

After asking Barbera if he knew about student discounted travel agencies such as STA Travel, he responded he had heard of it but never actually used it.

STA Travel has an office in New York. If around the area, flights and other travel accommodations can be made or purchased there. If not, STA Travel is just a phone call or website click away.

People know about discount airlines such as Southwest Airlines or Europe’s RyanAir, but easily forget about websites where students can get insane discounts. STA Travel is specialized for students and teachers but anyone is welcome to use this agency.  Here one can purchase flights, hotel accommodation, rail passes, and excursions tickets.

Vinessa Burnett, a University of Miami student, used STA Travel to purchase a flight to Australia

“I went to study abroad and found that STA Travel had the cheapest flight. I paid $900 for my one-way flight from Miami to Sydney. That’s not a bad price to fly to the other side of the world,” she explained.

At the time this story was posted, STA Travel was offering West Coast discounted round trip flights to Auckland, starting at $920 available to everyone along with one-way flights to Paris starting at $451, London at $291, and Tokyo at $392. These prices vary depending on the departure city and date of travel.

As for the current East Coast fares, the company is offering discounted one-way flights to Cancun starting at $99, Paris at $322, London at $240, and Tokyo at $462.

These flight prices also depend on date and departure city. The one-way flights could save big bucks for European trips as opposed to purchasing a round trip flight.

STA Travel also proposes flight packages created by the agency. One package is the “Multi-Stop Flights for Students.”

The first option, “Around the World with Emirates,”consist of stops in New York, Milan, make your own way, Rome, Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney, and concludes in New York. This package starts at $2,059.  “Make your own way” gives you the freedom to travel from one location to the next with your choice of transportation.


Central Park in New York City

Central Park in New York City

The second option, “The Bobby Dazzler” starts in L.A, Rio, make your own way, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, make your own way, Nairobi, London, Delhi, make your own way, Mumbai, Colombo, Hong Kong, Fiji, Sydney, make your own way, Melbourne, Christchurch, make your own way, Auckland, Papeete while then concluding in L.A.

This student exclusive or anyone under 26 package starts at $3,859.

STA Travel has nine more packages such as these along with the option to create your own.

Other than these around-the-world packages, STA Travel also offers spring break deals. Spend five nights in Cancun, Mexico for just $699 or seven nights for $999. Both of these specials include all-inclusive accommodation, airport transfers to/from hotel, and daily beach parties.

STA Travel has great discounts on hotels, hostels, tours, rail passes, along with efficient customer service. When Amanda was flying to Japan, one of her connecting flights was cancelled. Within five minutes STA Travel had contacted the airlines for her and gave her a new flight at no extra cost.

Although this agency provides discounted flights along with effective customer service, beware that flight times may take double as long. It is common for these cheaper flights to have one or more connections with extended layover times.

If time is not of the essence but saving money is, be sure to plan your upcoming journey with STA Travel.

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