Five packing tools for $30 or less make preparing for any kind of travel easy

Posted Oct. 9, 2012


Connie Cintron, of Melbourne, Fla., has had problems with overweight luggage.

“There’ve been many times my bags weighed too much at the airport. One time in London, I had to unpack souvenirs and other things I’d bought from my suitcase and leave them behind.”

Packing a suitcase is an inevitable part of preparing for any trip. But the process does not have to be stressful. If Cintron had known about helpful packing tools, she might have packed more efficiently and been able to fit all of her souvenirs in one bag.

Christine Darby, a travel expert for Travel Experts (, explained that travel tools such as space-saver bags and small toiletry kits could help travelers pack efficiently.

“Most of the time you won’t need more than this and it saves a lot of packing room,” Darby said.

“The benefits of traveling light are that you can carry on, which means no waiting for your bag at your point of arrival and no chance of lost luggage.  And, less laundry when you get home!” Darby added.

Investing in these relatively inexpensive gadgets will make packing easier and stress-free.

Grid-It CPG6 Model (Photo courtesy of Cocoon Innovations, LLC).

Grid-It CPG6 Model (Photo courtesy of Cocoon Innovations, LLC).

1. Grid-It Organizer, $10— This gadget is designed with rubberized straps that hold objects in place during travel. The versatile style of the straps allows for objects of various sizes to fit together onto one pad, making it ideal for holding valuables such as cameras, cell phones, and mp3 players.

Dov Friedman, a representative of Communications for Cocoon Innovations, explained why travelers should purchase the Grid-It.

“There are no other similar packing accessories.  Cocoon’s Grid-it is patent pending technology that keeps all of your items safe and secure.”

The back of the organizer also serves as a mouse pad. Larger models of the Grid-It can go up to $50, but the smallest model, the CPG6, retails for only $10. It measures 7.67 x 4.5 inches, making it small and functional.

The 5-Piece Space Saving Compression Storage Bag Set (Photo courtesy of

The 5-Piece Space Saving Compression Storage Bag Set (Photo courtesy of

2. The 5-Piece Space Saving Compression Storage Bag Set, $15— Fitting all of your clothes in a suitcase has never been easier with this set of compression bags from Brookstone. The five-piece set includes two large 19½ x 28 inch bags and three medium 19 x 20 inch bags. All you have to do is place a stack of clothes in the bag, zip it closed, and roll the bag to compress.

Connecticut resident Ruben Pachon talked about using these bags when he travels during the cold winter months.

“Every time I pack a suitcase I use these space bags. They’re fantastic. They’re really easy to use and really great for fitting big jackets and coats when I travel in the winter.”

Silver Sleek Travalo (Photo courtesy of Travalo).

Silver Sleek Travalo (Photo courtesy of Travalo).

3. Travalo, $16— This gadget is perfect for the traveler who wants to take his or her perfume or cologne with them, but doesn’t want to bother with heavy or fragile bottles. The Travalo Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle does not require a funnel. All you do is remove the nozzle from your perfume and pump the Travalo onto the tube. This gadget comes in various sizes and colors that range in price from $13 to $25. All of the models are TSA approved and contain no glass, so there’s no risk of breaking. The Travalo also has a pressure regulating system that adjusts to air pressure changes during flight, preventing leaks. The Travalo Classic model is 4 milliliters, allows for more than 50 sprays, and sells for $16.

Kiva Packing Genius Aircraft Toiletry Kit  (Photo courtesy of Kiva Designs).

Kiva Packing Genius Aircraft Toiletry Kit (Photo courtesy of Kiva Designs).

4. Kiva Packing Genius Aircraft Toiletry Kit, $30—  This bag made of recycled material features a zip-off pouch for storage of liquid items inside of a main compartment. The Aircraft Toiletry Kit was designed to make airport security easy and serve as convenient carry-on bag. The clear pouch for liquids makes finding items easier. The kit measures 8 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches and also features a swivel hook for easy hanging when needed. This sleek bag comes in three different colors to choose from: black, granite and orange.

According to Kiva Designs (, this product is “designed with two purposes in mind, one to make airport security a breeze, and one to keep you carry-on focused to save on those checked bag fees.”

5. Heys eScale Luggage Scale, $25— Weighing your luggage at home prior to your trip is vital if you want to avoid having to check in an extra bag at the airport.

Heys eScale Luggage Scale  (Photo courtesy of

Heys eScale Luggage Scale (Photo courtesy of

Virgin Atlantic, for example, allows a passenger in economy class one bag of 50 pounds, and charges $60 per extra bag that is checked-in at the airport. Having a luggage scale helps you prepare so you’ll know the weight of your luggage before being surprised at the check in counter.

According to Brookstone’s Customer Care Center, the Heys eScale Luggage Scale can help “Prevent additional charges at the airport for overweight or oversized luggage.” The scale is accurate to within 0.5 pounds and its digital weight reader displays in both pounds and kilograms and can be set to alert you if the weight exceeds a certain limit. Its small design makes it portable and allows you to weigh anything up to 110 pounds when you’re on the go. It is designed to fit the shape of your hand and adjusts to read the weight even if you’re lifting a heavy load. The scale comes in black, blue, fuchsia, red or silver.


Grid-It Organizer

The 5-Piece Space Saving Compression Storage Bag Set


Kiva Packing Genius Aircraft Toiletry Kit

 Heys eScale Luggage Scale

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