Multicultural Miami gives coffee fans wide variety of ways to get daily caffeine

Posted November 15, 2015


Miami is a multicultural city packed with thrilling adventures for everyone. It’s a city with millions of possibilities designed to fit each personality. Artsy, beachy, sporty and even nerdy visitors will find the perfect activity matching their personalities.

But to complete all these festivities we need to refuel the tank. In order to keep the bodies going and energetic all day long we need our daily dose of caffeine.

Miami is a city with a blend of history and cultural tradition from all around the globe. It’s a melting pot of culture with a variety of flavorful coffee beans. I’m a huge coffee fan and I’m constantly searching for the perfect brew. I always try to refrain myself from mainstream coffee shops and indulge in the small hidden gems that provide freshly brewed cortaditos and delicious pastries.

Interior of Pasion del Cielo. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Interior of Pasion del Cielo (Photo by Maria Hernandez).

Drinking coffee is more than just the cup; it’s about the whole social experience. It’s sitting comfortably enjoying the flavor as the ambiance is pretty and stress-free.

It’s about being relaxed, getting work done, chatting with a friend or even engaging with the stranger next to you. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a new adventure each time.

There is a hidden coffee shop in every corner of Miami and to choose my favorite one is no easy task. Real coffee fanatics don’t get satisfied with cheap watery tasteless beans. We need quality flavor, aroma and body.

The best ones have been summarized below by area for your enjoyment and caffeine intake next time you are in the zone.

Coral Gables

Beans displayed behind the counter at Pasion del Cielo. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Beans displayed behind the counter at Pasion del Cielo (Photo by Maria Hernandez).

Coral Gables is known as The City Beautiful and stands out as a community that blends details, colors, and a Mediterranean Revival architectural style. It’s a very visited area due to its beauty, but I also consider it’s because of Pasion del Cielo.

Pasion del Cielo is a little cozy coffee shop on a corner at 100 Giralda Ave. The shop carries carefully selected beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Java, Jamaica, Mexico, Kenya and Sumatra.

Each is displayed behind the counter with its respective characteristics and specified amount of flavor, body, aroma and acidity for the client’s selection.

Pasion del Cielo provides coffee lovers a unique experience while letting them choose which region they want to savor. Each bean has its own grinder to keep the flavors pure and avoid blends. All the beans have distinct flavors and are 100 percent authentic from the specified region.

Country of the beans are written on the cups at Pasion del Cielo. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Country of the beans are written on the cups at Pasion del Cielo (Photo by Maria Hernandez).

Once you decide which type of coffee fits your style, the trained baristas will brew the coffee when ordered. If you are uncertain which country to pick, the baristas will kindly advise the perfect brew that suits you.

Since they brew it right after the order is placed, the coffee is always fresher than fresh. The baristas create artisanal designs on top and write the country of origin of the bean on the side of the cup before supplying your order.

As I waited for my Costa Rica vanilla latte to be prepared, I exchanged a few words with the stranger waiting next to me. I asked which was his favorite coffee bean and why.

“I like strong coffee, so I would say Cuban. But every time I come I pick a different country to try new things and keep it interesting each time,” he replied.

That simple answer made me curious of trying all the different types and now every time I go I choose a different country. This makes my trips to Pasion del Cielo a new journey each time.

The first Pasion del Cielo shop was opened in Coral Gables, but due to its popularity and growth the company has opened new locations at Midtown, Downtown Dadeland, Sunset, The Falls and opening soon in Brickell.


For those who come to the Sunshine State searching for art, Wynwood is your spot. Art galleries, colorful walls and inspiring quotes painted on the floor gives this area a unique tone. Panther Coffee is the epicenter of Wynwood. It’s where tourists and locals collide due to its fame

Cappuccino at Panther Coffee. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Cappuccino at Panther Coffee (Photo by Maria Hernandez).

Panther Coffee is the coolest hipster coffee shop. It’s Miami-based with a bustling vibe and potent brews.

The vintage and artsy decoration inside transforms the atmosphere of the whole place into something astonishing.

Panther’s happy employees brew their own coffees on site in a vintage roaster with beans from selected farms all around the world.

The description of the beans origin is placed on boards all over the shop to teach the clients the background behind their delicious products while they wait for their order to be ready. Panther Coffee’s mission is to source, roast and prepare the finest coffee in the world.

Reading the newspaper at Panther Coffee. Photo by Angie Sanchez

Reading the newspaper at Panther Coffee (Photo by Angie Sanchez).

The first time I went to Panther Coffee was with my Venezuelan friend Angie back in 2013 when I moved to Miami. I remember I was desperately seeking for the right cup of coffee and she gave me the answer.

Angie has been living in Miami for more than 15 years and she introduced me to this golden gem that became my favorite spot in town.

Panther Coffee is the ideal place to unwind in a deep conversation with your best friend while enjoying an iced coffee and warm croissant on a sunny afternoon. But Panther Coffee is also the best place to go alone and just sit and let your mind be free to think about all the things that can be.

The main Panther Coffee is located in Wynwood. Due to Miami residents and tourists love towards Panther, they opened two more shops at Sunset Harbour and Coconut Grove.


Cortadito at Tinta y Cafe. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Cortadito at Tinta y Cafe (Photo by Maria Hernandez).

Brickell is an urban neighborhood filled with businesses, offices and yummy restaurants.

It’s also an accelerated busy zone with a small coffee shop to slow the pace of the city and remind us the beauty of life: Tinta y Cafe.

Tinta y Cafe is a cozy Cuban small coffee shop that gives us a sense of belonging as we walk in.

It has a curved bar, living room, mismatched furniture, and sofas. Its definitely a hidden gem in an unnoticeable corner of the busy SW 8thth Street.

Flan and cortadito at Tinta y Cafe. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Flan and cortadito at Tinta y Cafe (Photo by Maria Hernandez).

Neli Santamarina, the owner, said there’s no wi-fi or TV because she wants the customers to interact with each other.

The ambiance is surrounded by the cultural elements she personally bought for the amusement of those who come to linger in the shop.

Books on art, politics, literature and history accompanied by art, posters and newspapers.

She wants the clients to have a cultural experience, not only drink coffee and stare at a football game on a flat screen.

Whenever my parents come to visit Miami, they have to go to Tinta y Cafe. My parents always enjoy the coffee, flan and Cuban sandwiches. The waitress always treats us like friends as they smile politely and exchange stories with us. Every time we go it feels like home away from home.

Tinta y Cafe is the perfect place to loosen up and take a moment of your day to breathe, relax and be thankful to be in Miami. Tinta y Cafe can only be enjoyed on one location for now. Tinta y Cafe is proof that good things do come in small packages.

South Beach

Fredo Latte at Crema. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Fredo Latte at Crema (Photo by Maria Hernandez).

South Beach is the most crowded touristic location in Miami. But it’s also home to one of the best European espresso bars: Crema Gourmet.

Crema is designed for gourmet coffee lovers and other food addicts who enjoy a good cup of coffee. It’s locally owned and operated with the goal to make the customer experience pleasant.

It’s perfect to drink some coffee while working and quick bite. It has wooden detailed walls and a display with all the Illy coffee makers and grains.

They also have inspiring coffee posters and a chalkboard with graffiti. The lighting is perfect for pictures and background music is relaxing and calm. It’s the perfect place to kick start a busy day or relax while watching the sun set.

Interior of Crema. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Interior of Crema (Photo by Maria Hernandez).

My best friend Jamie and I frequently visit Crema whenever we have a chance. As Jamie sips her usual Fredo latte and we reminisce about freshman year, I asked her what she liked the most about Crema.

“I love how it’s convenient, fast and has delicious high quality coffee,” she replied.

As we both continued discussing about Crema, we decided that we enjoy the scenario as much as the quality of the coffee.

Crema at South Beach was the first store the owners opened. They recently opened their second shop for clients in the Coral Gables area.

Graffiti wall at Crema. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Graffiti wall at Crema. Photo by Maria Hernandez


If You Go

  • Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar
    1601 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fla. 33131.
    169 Miracle Mile. Coral Gables, Fla. 33134.
  • Panther Coffee
    2390 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, Fla. 33127.
    1875 Purdue Ave., Miami Beach, Fla. 33139.
    3407 Main Hwy., Miami, Fla. 33133.
  • Pasion del Cielo
    100 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 33134.
    5701 Sunset Dr., South Miami, Fla. 33134.
    3301 Midtown Blvd., Miami, Fla. 33127.
    8888 SW 136th St., Miami, Fla. 33176.
    8915 SW 72 Pl., Downtown Dadeland, Miami, Fla. 33156.
  • Tinta y Cafe
    268 SW 8th St., Miami, Fla. 33130.