Buns & Buns pricy, but spectacular

Posted March 6, 2014


Good vibes, good music and great food. What more can you ask for?

Buns & Buns, a restaurant and bakery in South Miami, recently opened its doors after months of mystery and secrecy.

This new locale draws inspiration from various exotic destinations, but is most famously recognized for its delicious buns. The restaurants décor is rustic yet clean and the clay dinnerware serves to compliment the ambiance.

From the second I stepped through the door, I was greeted by the intoxicating scent of fresh baked bread. A waiter came up to me, smiling, and explained that I had to order my food at the counter before I could take a seat. However, you don’t pay at the counter, after you order you sit down and receive table service for the remainder of the meal. I found this a bit strange, but nonetheless I was eager to try the cuisine.

My meal began with a $5 cheesy bite appetizer. These crispy fried squares of cheese were tasty, but not out of this world. They weren’t much different than the frozen mozzarella sticks you can get at the grocery store, and the price seemed a little steep for the portion.

The main course certainly made up for my appetizer, although I was still slightly disappointed in the portion size. I ordered the $10 lamb ribs, which come covered in a tamarind glaze that was the highlight of my meal. The plate comes with four ribs and they were very meaty and fatty, in a good way.

It also comes with an herb bun, similar to a garlic roll, but different enough to catch your taste buds off guard. Unfortunately, the rolls are rather small and, if you want to order another one, it costs $3.

For dessert, I ordered the Lost Bun, a brioche bread pudding, which comes with a caramelized pecans in rum sauce and another cream sauce on the side. As far as taste goes it was splendid, but again I was slightly disappointed in the portion. For an $8 dessert, it seemed rather small.

Overall, my experience at Buns & Buns was enjoyable, if not entirely convincing. The food was great, the servers were attentive and helpful, and the environment was relaxed. But there were still things that made me wonder whether I’d be going back regularly.

The food ordering process still seems rather confusing to me. I’ve been to restaurants where you order at the counter and I’ve been to restaurants where you’re waited on, but I’ve never been to one that combines the two methods. While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this, it seemed slightly counter productive. You have to wait in line to order at the counter and then, when you’re done eating, you have to wait for your server to bring you the check. It doesn’t appear to be very practical.

The tables were crammed with stacks of plates and containers for utensils and napkins, which may be a good idea, but the tables were so small that it almost made eating uncomfortable. On the plus side, clean silverware and napkins are readily accessible at any point during your meal.

The prices generally did not match the portion size. The dishes themselves are not ridiculously expensive and the restaurant itself is in a great location, but the amount of food you get compared to the money you spend does not seem to match up. It’s evident that the managers have received complaints of this sort before because, on their menu, some prices have been scratched out and replaced with lower ones.

Buns & Buns is just starting up, so hopefully some of the issues it has will be rectified in the near future. As it stands now, it’s a great place to go and get a snack, but if you’re looking to eat your fill you better bring a full wallet.

  • Buns & Buns
  • 5748 Sunset Dr., South Miami, Fla. 33143
  • 786-216-7754
  • Open Mondays through Sundays, 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • http://bunsandbuns.com/
  • Price range $10 to $30
  • 3/5 stars