Trust & Co. is eatery you can count on

Posted March 3, 2016


Coral Gables, a city once catering law firm types and diners, has evolved into a playground of culinary innovation with its lavish contemporary design. From this comes a young chef-driven neighborhood incorporating the fusion of multicultural tastes and appetites. The cutting edge dining experiences and artistic fashion brings you Trust & Co., a bar and restaurant that serves with “integrity, quality and ability” making it an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Trust 1

The bar at Trust & Co. (Photos by Devon-Ashley Wade).

Nestled amid the bustling mainstay of shops and other entertainment options that pepper the city’s trendy Miracle Mile, Trust & Co. was developed by Jerry Flynn, one of the co-creators of Batch Gastropub.

No longer partnered with Batch, Flynn is focused on turning his newest restaurant into something lush that will attract diversity and adventurous foodies.

The restaurant is located at 2 Aragon Ave., the former Azucar Cuban space right across from Fritz & Franz Bierhaus. Trust & Co. draws its name from the banking ethics of trust and integrity of the early 20th century. Its pledge states, “Trust & Co. will serve food and drinks with integrity and provide honest service and the best hospitality possible for our patrons. We have learned to trust and we know you will too.”

Trust & Co.’s service strives to convey a leisure eating experience. The staff ensures this by transmitting the feeling of serving its patrons with the greatest intention.

Trust 3

The decor at Trust & Co. is stylish casual.

One waiter formally introduced himself as, Andre, and was very pleasant. He first suggested the specials of the day, which was when his hospitality seemed a bit overdone. Andre pulled a chair out and sat next to a guest at her table to further explain the menu options.

As that took place, the manager rushed over to the table, while gesturing for the waiter to get out of his seat.

However, when Andre did not take notice of the gesture, the manager then tapped him on the shoulder, which signaled for him to abruptly get out of his seat. The guest then asked, “Is everything alright sir,” and Andre says, “Yes, sorry everything is fine. I just felt I was all up in your space and I want to give you some time to decide.” This example shows how the staff does serve its patrons with the greatest intention, however they need to find a balance between hospitality and professionalism.

In terms of Trust & Co.’s layout, it is a 6,000-square-foot eatery that consists of a stylish casual atmosphere with high top chairs, black lettered booths, brick walls and dark woods, which suggested a law office or bank. However, the décor allows the simplistic beauty of the food to not go unnoticed. The restaurant buzzed with energy from the ultra dance sounds to the electric vibe from the bar making it an experience that everyone can enjoy.

The menu consists of an eclectic mix of strong Latin, European and Japanese influences, which make it appropriate to classify this restaurant as a New World American cuisine. One of its must-haves, as a starter, are the Irish Crispy Potatoes ($8,) which are essentially chunks of potatoes with Irish cheddar melted on top with a garnish of chives.

Trust 4

The bacon and date croquettes appetizer.

Another truly remarkable starter are the Bacon and Date Croquettes ($8.) Primarily a Latin influence that is stuffed with perfectly cooked bacon and manchego cheese served with a house made membrillo (a date) sauce on the side. Indulge in the experience by having these two small plates that consist of delicious, scrumptious, tasty and flavorful ingredients.

For the main course, Trust & Co.’s Faroe Island Salmon is recommended, which is accompanied by an organic sweet pea mash, a lemon wedge, swank farms sorrel and mixed lettuces. The flavor of the organic sweet pea mash balanced the richness of the sinfully tender salmon very well.

A friend ordered Fig and Serrano Flat Bread, which consisted of arugula, figs, jamon (ham) serrano and manchego cheese. The dish was perfectly executed and the bright colors of the ingredients lying over the flat bread made it a feast for the eyes and stomach.

Trust 5

The Irish crispy potatoes appetizer.

However, the only downside of the dish was that it was too salty, which did not please the taste buds of the consumer. The restaurant is affordable, however. The entrees target higher median income consumers.

Along with that, its menu also features a raw bar section including oysters and various salads, in which lettuce mixtures are made in house.

Prices for starters at Trust & Co. range from $8 to $16, while main entrees are from $17 to $32. In terms of the gratuity, it was not added to the final bill, but there was a listing of suggested gratuities.

There were a couple of desserts, but a featured one is the Dark Forest Cake: a black forest cake gateaux, chocolate mousse, coconut base spread and made even richer with mascarpone semifreddo with the addition of a cherry whole.

Mascarpone semifreddo is a cherry-port sauce that looks like homemade ice cream, but involves less preparation. Its flavor could be unfamiliar to Trust & Co.’s patrons. The cake is a little too rich and creamy, with hints of cherry and a bit of ground cocoa flavor. Paired with a bittersweet chocolate mousse and rich coconut base, the cake is simply divine.

Trust & Co. is one restaurant that you can count on. It is suitable for any occasion and if you are looking for a place with a great nightlife atmosphere, it is definitely your fit. Its promise to you is, “People with good intentions make promises, people with good character actually keep them.”

  • Trust & Co.
  • Address: 2 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 33134
  • Mondays-Fridays 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.
  • Saturdays-Sundays 10:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.
  • New World American Cuisine
  • Price Range: ($8 to $32)
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Payment: Cash or Credit
  • Four stars