Tossed is convenient, but pricey

Posted March 16, 2015


If you need a quick, healthy option for lunch on campus, Tossed is an ideal spot. But if you’re trying to reign in your spending, proceed with caution.

The University of Miami’s Food Court renovation brought the addition of Tossed, a chain, fast-service restaurant that offers make your own salads, wraps, sandwiches, and melts. Tossed, which opened in the UM’s Whitten Dining Hall last month, is a nice complement to the other less healthy food options on campus.

Menu at Tossed

Menu at Tossed

Tossed is designed for a busy college student. There are plenty of options, both healthy and more indulgent, as well as fast service, if you avoid visiting during the lunch rush.

The menu, displayed on large television screens, is separated into “make your own” and pre-designed, but not pre-made, options. In a line of five people, four out of five chose “make your own salad.” I followed in suit.

I approached the counter to order and pay and I surveyed the printed menu posted on the register. Here’s where the cost racks up.

A base of lettuce, your choice of romaine, mixed greens, spinach, arugula or iceberg, four “toss in’s” ranging from raw vegetables and fruit to wonton crisps and crotons, and your choice from a long list of dressings costs $6.99. Not too bad for lunch if you stay within those boundaries. But if you venture out, like I did, and your wallet will suffer.

Order and pay counter at Tossed

Order and pay counter at Tossed

As there are not any protein sources in the “toss-in’s” other than beans, I chose to add roasted chicken from a list of BBQ chicken, pesto chicken, blackened chicken, tuna salad, turkey and shrimp.

The costs of the protein range from $1.99 to $3.99 each. I decided to forgo the cheese, saving $1.49, but added avocado and walnuts from the list of “gourmet items” totaling $3 extra.

The aptly named gourmet items are generally more appealing than the toss-ins, and each cost an extra $1 or $1.49 depending if you choose to add almonds versus walnuts, for example. If you don’t read the price next to the menu item, your $7 salad can quickly become a $17 salad. Mango and edamame can add up, people!

The mix-in bar at Tossed

The mix-in bar at Tossed

As for taste, my salad was, well, a salad. Not exceptional, but it did its job. The chicken tasted a little dry and I can only assume it wasn’t made that day. But I suppose that’s expected in the fast food industry.

The service is nothing to write home about, but college students don’t expect five star treatment.

The staff has a “get in, get out” mindset and don’t have much patience for customers, like me, who ask questions. I did have to ask the person making my salad to change her gloves, and I witnessed an “allergy nightmares” with staff mixing food utensils.

Mixing toppings and dressing

Mixing toppings and dressing

While not on campus, Panera Bread compares as another popular on-the-go lunch option.

Tossed offers make-your-own salad options, which Panera does not, but other than that, the menus are very similar

However, for most menu items, Tossed costs at least $1 more than Panera. For example, a turkey Panini at Tossed costs $8.49 while at Panera it costs $7.59.

In a food court of inherently unhealthy choices, I was happy to have a lighter option. But after spending $12 plus tax on a salad I deemed average, I was not as happy about my lighter wallet.

Visit Tossed, but choose wisely. 

Additional Information:

  • Reviewer rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
  • University of Miami, Hurricane Food Court
  • Coral Gables, Fla. 33146


  • Monday – Friday 11am – 5pm
  • Saturday – Sunday 11am -3pm
  • Cash and credit card accepted